After Digital launches the elegant new website for long-term client Inchmarlo.

Established in 1986, Inchmarlo Retirement Community Village located near Aberdeen is a beautiful, luxury retirement complex. Surrounded by the stunning Royal Deeside countryside Inchmarlo offers retirement living and top quality continued care for its residents.

With an evolving and growing neighbourhood Inchmarlo wanted to better reflect the prestige and quality of the retirement village online. The company selected After Digital to redesign their website, making the most of the beautiful imagery, which showcases the grounds and facilities on offer.

The site is clean, simple and highly accessible to ensure the most user-friendly experience is delivered across the board. Utilising the company’s branding and gold colouring, the design brief was to translate the classic elegance of the community into the online space. The new site features more interactive content to engage visitors, including dedicated video and image galleries.

After Digital is pleased to launch the new Inchmarlo site and continue to watch the company's online presence blossom.

Graeme Lindsay, Marketing at Inchmarlo, said; “After Digital was recommended to me by some of its existing clients. The team at After Digital have been strategic, creative, responsive and thorough, with good attention to detail. I am very happy with the end result and have had great feedback on the site so far. I would highly recommend After Digital. Special thanks goes to our After Digital project manager and customer support who were great to work with and very understanding.”

The new website has already proven a hit with Inchmarlo's community and stakeholders, whilst helping promote the residence to new audiences.

Mr K. Arkley, whose mother resides at Inchmarlo, fedback on the site saying it was; "classy and clever."

Whilst, Mr B. Davidson, spoke to Inchmarlo saying; "Thought I would congratulate you on the new Inchmarlo website.  It is well thought out and gives an excellent review of what has and is going on at Inchmarlo.  The beauty of the area also comes over very well and I have already sent the details over to our family in both America and Australia and although they may well have similar homes I doubt if they could equal the variety of homes, landscaping and scenery of this area."