Following on from our blog on Twitter updates last Friday I thought it was about time to chat about an exciting resource launched by Twitter at the end of 2014 - welcome Twitter Flight School. With almost 10,000 global registrants since it launched, our marketers were excited to get involved.

What is Twitter Flight School?

After being inundated with questions such as ‘how do I take my content to the next level’ and ‘how do I use promoted products to get the right message across to my target audience in the right moment?’, Twitter developed Flight School.



Flight School is an online learning hub providing agencies with everything they need to develop high-impact marketing campaigns for clients and with these resources split into bite-sized modules, it allows staff from all teams within an agency to up-skill. Whether you are in marketing, account management, media buying or another department, you can customise your flight path and only learn things most relevant to your role.

Beginning a pilot scheme with a select few agencies, it went down a storm and the Global CEO of SMG agency said Flight School has given them the ‘added expertise to leverage the real-time marketing platform to create impactful campaigns for clients.’

After taking a break to incorporate additional elements, Twitter Flight School relaunched bigger and better in July 2015. With the aim of increasing your Twitter product knowledge, and developing the necessary skills to consult brands and win new business, Flight School also includes advanced courses on latest Twitter updates. Additionally, in registering for Flight School, you gain access to a resource of downloadable material including content optimisation tips, case studies and platform best practice - great for ensuring the team stay on top of all latest updates.

Beginning with Twitter 101 - a recap of what the social network is used for - you will ‘fly’ through this section if you have ever used Twitter before. Following completion, you’re presented with an incredibly helpful resource about Twitter usage across some of the largest countries in the world.

DID YOU KNOW: 44% of UK users follow brands on Twitter to keep up to date with news about the brand whilst 42% use it to stay notified about special offers and promotions.

With the ultimate guide to content planning, objective-based campaigns, reaching the right people and launching and optimising your campaign modules left to delve into, keep your eyes peeled for more Flight School insights from our marketers over the coming weeks.