Wouldn’t it be great to be able to win new customers, grow our following of brand ambassadors and reach our audience at a time when it matters the most? Of course it would and today I’m chatting about how brands can effectively reach their audience in real-time, with relevant messaging and excellent creative.

Cue 'Programmatic Advertising'. 

After delving into the all important micro-moments in our blogs last week we identified more and more consumers are second / multi screening and these micro-moments can happen anywhere at anytime. To stay ahead of the competition, it’s imperative for brands to be there at the all important time (psssttt, you can read all about these micro-moments in this blog).


With programmatic advertising expected to grow by more than 77% this year, brands can begin using it to join up the dots between these micro-moments in the right way to effectively see the journey of consumer intent. But how can this be done well and how can brands win in these micro-moments?

Start by following these four steps:

Identify the important moments

Whether it’s I want to do, I want to go, I want to know or I want to buy moments, micro-moments happen when the consumer signals intent. So, the first step is to get an all-encompassing picture of the purchase journey and understand the signals of when consumers are ready to make a purchase. In doing so, brands can then use programmatic advertising to create an ad which is relevant in that moment to seal the deal.

Focus on relevant design

If you receive the information you need when looking to potentially make a purchase, you’ll be more likely to go on and make that purchase right? Yes, however this window of opportunity might not be around for long and brands have to snap up their chance. Combined with the rise in mobile usage and mobile ad spend, programmatic advertising creates a great opportunity for brands to combine what they know about their audience with contextual signals such as time of day, language and location to return highly creative ads the audience will have a greater propensity to engage with.

Second and multi-screening

You have developed the perfect creative and identified the most important moment but how do you reach an always-connected consumer? With programmatic advertising, it’s possible to find your audience regardless or whether they switch between devices. Who would have thought this would be possible just a few years ago?

With a multitude of customer touchpoints, it’s becoming more important to track online to offline conversions and vice versa and you can find out more about multi-channel attribution here.

Brands want to reach their audience when they’re engaging with relevant content and thanks to Google Preferred, Google Partner Select and promoted tweets, brands can connect with their audiences with all the benefits of data and automation in brand-safe channels.

Measure effectiveness and act accordingly

You have completed the first three steps so what now? You want to make sure it worked. It’s imperative to measure the impact of your efforts based on the most important metrics for your brand. With the right measurement tool, brands can identify the value of each channel (and how channels work together) to aid the conversion.

Thanks to programmatic advertising, brands can now engage with their consumers better than ever before and can capitalise on these micro-moments. By fully understanding the channels and moments which contribute to conversions, brands can deliver what their audience needs with the confidence the message being delivered will make an impact.