Being human; it’s becoming urgent. Since the 1800’s machines have steadily been taking human jobs and making them easier, faster and better. That pace of change is so great, that NOW, it is urgent that we understand what parts of jobs will soon be taken over by AI (Artificial Intelligence). We need to focus on where we add value to the businesses we work in and ensure that what we bring to the table can’t be replicated by AI anytime soon.

Seth Godin wrote a great short blog on this very subject just the other day. My interest was sparked due to the volume of Digital Transformations After Digital are delivering, and the unquestioned impact that these reports have on what people do and how people do their jobs

Once you’ve understood your level of digital maturity (the present) you have to begin to map out how to be more mature (the future). That journey invariably involves retraining your staff, upskilling your communications teams and spreading a culture of digital acceptance and indeed, love. These are all intrinsically human requirements. As the digital technologies increasingly encroach on the human’s day job, the smart companies look at how their uniquely human traits add value to their interactions; whether they be internal or external.

When I review my own career, I realise that I have instinctively embraced change; I’ve chased the goal of being irreplaceable, not by humans but by machines or in modern terms AI. Seth’s most resonant point for me is stating that we must all now ask:

“How can I become so resilient, so human and such a linchpin that shifts in technology won't be able to catch up? It was always important, but now it's urgent.”

- Seth Godin

Automation; consistently doing the boring to the highest standard and efficiently removing human variance. Interpretation and emotion are what AI’s excel at, but, the Value, the real value is not in driving efficiencies, but in driving engagements. In that regard, I firmly believe only Human beings can truly deliver the emotional intelligence (EQ) to engage with other humans authentically and with sincerity.

There is natural human fear of being made redundant by technology. Luddites, technophobes, social agnostics. There are a plethora of terms over the centuries for those who choose to opt out (or indeed hit out), in the hope, it will pass them by.

For me, the challenge across all of the things that the digital revolution brings is that, as the leaders of that change, you have to bring your staff, your teams, your bosses, your boards, with you. That can only be made possible if you, as the leader of that transformation, accept that your role is not just about allaying fears of digital and AI overtaking; you also have to actively promote making the team resilient and so much of a linchpin as to be emotionally secure in their roles for the years to come. Only at that point will they embrace the digital journey, the roadmap, and actively advocate the change on your behalf. This challenge is compounded by the fact that, whilst you are ensuring your team’s a resilient Linchpin, you also have to ensure that you are too.

Driving change is never, ever going to be easy, but in the digital space it's getting increasingly urgent to “become so resilient, so human and such a linchpin that shifts in technology won't be able to catch up” for yourself and for your whole business.