At the beginning of last week we were delighted to welcome Elizabeth - third year school pupil and aspiring developer for a few days of work experience over the October break (you can read all about her here). As we’ve mentioned, we do love supporting new talent and as we said goodbye to Elizabeth, we welcomed Sam to the team for two days of work experience on Thursday and Friday. We gave Sam a chance to explore each of our departments and find out which area he would like to pursue and it has been an absolute delight to have him in. So… let’s find out what he had to say about his time at After Digital…

Sam Reid Work Experience

Tell us a bit more about what you’re doing just now.

Currently I’m in my 5th year at secondary school sitting my Highers. Despite it slowly killing me, I’m keeping up with it! Computing is one of my main subjects and I’m enjoying it the more I learn throughout the year. Outside of school I play the cello and do a variety of martial arts. I hold a black belt in tae-kwon do which I’m very proud of. I’m also in the process of creating a CV to acquire some work experience. Being here is a great step towards this.

What made you choose After Digital for your work experience?

Well, my auntie works here and it’s a five minute walk from Glasgow Central station so it seemed like the best option ;P. Joking aside, I have considered digital/software development as a career path therefore this opportunity provides an invaluable insight into the values and functionality of the field and agile development etc. It’s also apparent that the team is a well oiled machine not to mention friendly, professional and helpful at every opportunity.

What have you learned about us? What are we like? What are the most important things to our team?

My initial impressions of the After Digital team are that they are a busy but welcoming and extremely helpful team. I’ve learned their business model and that the quality of work they do for the clients is paramount to them.

Tell us about a ‘day in the life of’ one of the team (you can pick anyone you like)!

A typical day in the life of Ally (Senior Front-End Developer) consists of:

  • Getting to the office and looking over his assigned schedule for the day (created by Kirsty the Traffic Manager)
  • He then, along with the rest of the team, takes part in the morning stand up meeting where everyone discusses their tasks for the day.
  • Depending on Ally’s tasks, he will get to work with creating styles and layouts, have front-end meetings with Stephen the designer and will receive helpdesk tickets throughout the day for bug fixes.
  • Ally will also work on website styles/JavaScript and will test websites to ensure they are compatible with all forms of browsers, operating systems and devices.
  • Amongst all of his tasks, he will stop for lunch :P.

What do you get up to in your spare time?

Typically my day consists of getting home from school shattered and not being able to do much however when I have the will to live I generally play football, go to the gym, watch TV or something of the sort.

Do you have a party piece or any hidden talents?

If I have a hidden talent it’s yet to reveal itself to me - I look forward to the day I can surprise myself! As far as party pieces go, I can play a few good movie themes on the cello. Note, ‘play’ does not mean to say play well haha.

What is your biggest achievement in your life so far?

  • Achieving black belt
  • Achieving 8 A’s at National 5

Stranded on a desert island, which 3 items would you take and why?

  • Picture of mum and dad (for a good cry)
  • Motivational poster of Chuck Norris (to quash my doubts and fears)
  • A walkman with the rocky theme (to keep motivated)

Which celeb would play you in a movie?

Jim Carey - I’d like to be remembered as a funny guy!

What quote / motto do you live by?

"Experience is the name people give to their mistakes."
- John Keats

Has your time here made you think you might fancy working for an agency in software development someday?

My work experience here has definitely made me consider a career in software development!

It has been great to have Sam in with us for the last few days and we hope it has helped him come closer to a decision about his future career. We wish him all the best with him Highers this years and who knows, we might be welcoming him back in years to come.