Everyone is talking about responsive in terms of how amazing it is for your business but what we are not hearing so much of is the realistic breakdown of how it will make life that little bit easier for your end users in terms that they will really understand.

Increase your site reach – Of course your site will look amazing across all devices – That’s a given. However, you might be wondering whether your target market will really care if your site looks snazzy on their mobile? Aside from the rising number of people accessing the internet on mobile devices, for the less tech savvy of us, responsive is even more important. Everyone has that one relative who phones up asking why they can’t see something on their tablet thingy right? Yes, well responsive is there for the tech beginners too! So, not only will you be opening it up to new devices but potentially to new users too!

Mobile Sales Will Increase – Your sales in mobile will increase. Aside from the fact 51% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a responsive site, the number one reason is no one will want to throw their phone out the window trying to use it! Those of us with sausage finger syndrome (myself included) often incur the side effect of rage when trying to use a non-responsive website. 70% of mobile searches lead to action within one hour - so, do the right thing and cater to this neglected sector of society.

An increased conversion rate – Ease of use will help to enhance conversion rates too. Take email campaigns for example. There is nothing worse than getting all excited when you open a companies monthly newsletter, spot an nice little deal and are then rudely thwarted when the website realises your on your mobile (or doesn’t) and takes the huff with you - queue squished up views and slow redirects. This is the point where most people might give up, leaving another clicked through newsletter at a dead end. With responsive, the transition from email to website will be smoother on any device, resulting in a higher potential conversion rate. Responsive websites are likely to see on average, a 20% increase in clicks and conversions - potentially more now that our friends at Google are labelling responsive sites as mobile friendly!

Improve your SEO ranking – In the SEO world having one link for one page (rather than one for your main site and one for your mobile site) means that your site will have more authority and that sweet Google top spot is within your reach! And...you’ll only need to optimize one URL saving you plenty of time and money. For your customers though, this ensures your website can be found by even the laziest of Googlers. We’ve all done it - went for that top link and bought something when we know a cheaper or better quality option is probably just a page away. Making yourself easy to find should therefore be a number 1 priority.

Managing your site will be simpler - Gone will be the days of copying and pasting content from one place to the other. Gone will be the days of setting up new pages in a million places! Using a responsive site means you will no longer need to update both your mobile and main sites. Helllloooo free time!

Now you can spend plenty of time following the content is king tribe and focus your efforts on customer engagement. Well, unless you choose to use that glorious free time for extra cups of tea. We won’t judge, honest…