Adding to our portfolio of work creating digital strategies for non-profit organisations, After Digital is pleased to launch the new responsive web design for the Disabled Students Allowance Quality Assurance Group, also known as DSA-QAG.

DSA-QAG was developed to safeguard and monitor the quality assurance process surrounding the Disabled Students' Allowance. The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) recommend that funding bodies, institutes and local authorities only use assessment centres and suppliers who are officially registered as members of DSA-QAG.

The organisation came to After Digital to develop a highly accessible new website that would allow students who are applying for the Disabled Students' Allowance to easily locate registered assessment centres and suppliers in their local vicinity.

After Digital has developed a responsive web design that is accessible across a number of platforms and browsers to enhance its reach. Optimising on responsive web design means the content is flexible, delivering a tailored and relevant user experience to users accessing the site from a large desktop computer through to a tablet or smart phone. The site uses bold design and colours to support simple and intuitive navigation with CTAs highlighting key information on each page. In addition, the site has a secure members' area, where registered users can login and view and update specific data.

Advanced search technology has been implemented to develop a clear search database for all DSA-QAG registered members, whereby students can locate nearby suppliers and access all the information required to make an educated decision about where to go for their needs assessment etc.

To further promote accessibility and ensure students using assistive technologies can easily browse and use the website, After Digital has integrated sophisticated ROKTALK technology, which converts text on the page into speech and allows users to alter the page's background colour and font. Google Translate has also been implemented to allow for the easy translation of content into a wide range of languages.

After Digital is excited to launch the new DSA-QAG website, maximising on our expertise in responsive web design solutions and experience in developing highly accessible websites for non-profit and public sector organisations. Take a look at the new site here!