With Christmas fast approaching we’ve already started to receive orders for our fantastic corporate branded eCards.

The Christmas card has come a long way since Sir Henry Cole, a Victorian businessman, sent the world’s first festive greetings card at Christmas 1843. Fast forward and in 2011 the Greeting Card Association reported that the UK Christmas card market was worth a whopping £171.6 million. However, the UK has seen a considerable drop in spend on traditional Xmas cards in the last few years as digital communications have increased.

Christmas eCards (also known as electronic greeting cards) are a great way to spread your festive message to employees and/or customers and followers at a low cost and without the negative environmental impact of traditional Xmas cards.

A predicted 750 million Christmas cards are posted from the UK every year, which amounts to approximately 36,000 tonnes of carbon.  As the British public become progressively more environmentally conscious they will be more critical of organisations’ practices and expect you to have considered the greater environmental impact of your actions. Consequently, more and more companies are moving away from traditional cards in favour of Christmas eCards, with the UK seeing a dramatic decrease in high street card sales year on year.

The benefits of sending corporate branded eCards:

  • Cheaper than bulk buying traditional Xmas cards and paying for postage;
  • More environmentally friendly;
  • Easier and quicker to distribute large numbers of cards digitally then hand writing each card individually;
  • Message cannot be lost in the post or delivered late. With an eCard you know that your employee, customer or supporter will receive their festive greeting almost instantaneously;
  • Cards can be easily customised with your organisation’s branding and the name of each recipient.

With a wide variety of Xmas eCard designs you can select a card that best communicates what you want to say to your beneficiaries. From classic festive imagery, through to more contemporary, dynamic animated designs, your eCard can remain traditional or be more promotional depending on your organisation’s objectives.

So, this year we urge you to consider the environment as well as your Christmas spirit.