In today’s blog we’re going time travelling. No TARDIS required, just sit back and enjoy the ride, as we look at social media past, present and future.

All week I’ve been blogging about social media and have mentioned some of the big guns such as Facebook,Twitter and YouTube, but cast your mind back almost 7 years and social media wasn’t all about pokes, hashtags and vlogging, it was a little more juvenile, for want of a better word.

Bebo was the quintessential social network geared at teens but was also loved by the young at heart.

Launched in 2005, it was a vibrant place where young people “hung out” online. At it’s peak Bebo had an incredible 40 million users and in 2008 it was sold to internet heavyweight AOL for a staggering $850 dollars (£531,051,100, yes, five hundred and thirty-one million fifty-one thousand one hundred pounds) in 2008.

This was to be the death of Bebo 1.0. Facebook had made massive leaps in the market share by better engaging the community to come and want to spent time there. Four years later after a lot of neglect by AOL and a lack of interest from users, Bebo was sold back to its original creators Michael and Xochi Birch for $1.

Last month they announced that Bebo would be coming back and in a much bigger and better way in a quirky video which pokes fun at the good, the bad and the ugly bits of bebo.

Although their video doesn’t give much away about Bebo 2.0, the rumours on the internet are that it’s going be much more heavily geared for mobile use and that there will be more focus on the users of the site rather than the advertisers.

The new Bebo is still in development and when the new incarnation of the site launches, you can be sure that we’ll give “share the love” (or hate) of the new system when it launches next year.


On the subject of social networks and time, I recently download a fantastic app for the iPhone. Timehop which can be downloaded free from both the Apple & Google play stores for free syncs up your social feeds and every day shows you a different moment from your past.

I’ve linked up my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds and on my way to work I’ve been reminded of great trips, parties and hangovers from years gone by. Why not give it a go and see where your timeline takes you!