We’re going to be shocked if you’ve missed this incredibly important tech update, there are now Snapchat cat filters for all of those “cute” selfies we force our feline friends into.

We will admit, these filters are 100% fun for the owner and less fun for the cats, whose cat doesn’t look like it’s planning your death during selfies? However, this has taken the filters from only being available to humans and some breeds of dog and opened it up to cats, a move that some think is to combat Snapchat’s recent dip in daily users.

Between April and June this year, the app reported a drop in daily users of 3 million, following the app’s redesign, taking them down to 188 million. This is the first time there has been a decrease in users reported by the company; a few weeks later the Snapchat cat filters were announced with the following tweet.

Snapchat had already added the ability for the app to recognise things like food, sports etc. This allows the app to take note of the items in the camera frame and then suggest relevant filters, several tech outlets have pointed out that the new cat filters are likely to build on the same ‘system’.

The filters allow you to virtually adorn your cat with hats, glasses, unicorn horns, googly eyes and even slices of bread. If you want to use the new cat-friendly filters, all you have to do is click on your pet’s face through the lens of the app, which will bring up lenses with a paw icon on them. Both Lynn and Natalie of our marketing department are proud cat parents and were more than happy to test out this technological marvel with their cats, Millie and Angus.

angus and millie testing our the snapchat cat filters

Millie is sporting the googly eyes, Natalie and Angus test out the unicorn horns. Have you ever seen a cat so angry to be in a selfie with his owner?

It’s no secret that people with pets love taking photos of them, an article by The Independent cites a survey conducted by Mars Petcare, which found that “average cat owner ‘likes’ 398 cat-related posts and looks at 725 cat pictures and videos in a year”. We’re expecting this new feature to be pretty popular, even if it is just within our marketing team.

If you would like a little more information on the positives of integrating Snapchat into your digital marketing campaigns, cat or no cat, you can check out this blog.

So, if you’re already obsessed with taking photos of your cat, get the Snapchat cat filters involved and give them a toast hat, why not!