After an interesting event from the Social Media Expo at Hampden Park back in May, we were delighted to hear the Social Media and Marketing Show was returning to Scotland for a second time this year. Held at our client’s spectacular venue the Royal Highland Centre in Ingliston our marketer Carly and digital product owner Ashleigh headed along for a day of social ‘chat’.

We often provide our top social media tips in our blog, so we thought we’d share the resounding takeaways from the event too.

Get more from your website

Kicking off the morning, Steven Sefton of Zap Design followed by Karl Hudson of GetMediaWise, advised on making your website work for you. First up, treat your website like an employee.

Just like an employee, your website needs a lists of tasks to perform, it needs a development plan to grow and requires regular updates to stay on top of things. The more you put in, the more you get out and you need regular reviews to understand performance.

Want to know the 8 steps to marketing success? We’re on it…

Planning and understanding
If we’ve said it once we’ve said it a million times - failing to plan is planning to fail! Begin with buyer personas to identify your target audience - what they get up for, what they engage with to identify the customer lifetime value and understand who you really need to focus your efforts on. Follow this with competitor research fully understand the marketplace (use AHrefs, Moz and Majestic for key competitor insights as well as reviewing their website and social presence to identify any USPs your brand can capitalise on).

Homepage Strategy
We’ve seen it all before. a homepage without a message. How can you expect your customers to do anything on your site if there are no clear messages? Using clear cues is essential in capturing audience attention however keep these simple and straight to the point. Top tip: utilise video.

Video Marketing

Lead Generation Strategy
Simply attracting customers / clients to your site is not enough, you have to give them a reason to return. Creating multiple sales funnels that all integrate effectively, from social to email, paid search to SEO, means you will be well on your way to turning those leads into sales.

Content Strategy
You have written great content and published it on your site but what next? The more content you publish on your site, the more often Google will crawl and index your site leading to higher rankings. You have to treat your website as a tool to teach Google about what you offer - show that your site is an authority in the industry and you are producing excellent content.

Yes we’re gonna say the age old ‘content is king’ cliche but it’s still true. Utilise Google’s keyword planner to find relevant keywords and centre your content around this. As well as blogging, you can also drive traffic back to your site through a multitude of other options including social media ads, paid search ads, email marketing campaigns or even offline, traditional forms of advertising to capture the attention of your audience.

55% of users click on the top 3 organic results so ranking organically is important.

But remember, unless you have endless budget, no one can guarantee you first spot on Google (this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try)!

Video Strategy
Growing in popularity, we’re seeing video popping up everywhere! If you have more than one message to get across, videos help to succinctly do this, create trust and build a web presence like no other. And have we mentioned vlogging!?

Email Marketing
It’s been said the effectiveness of this medium is declining however we think it is still as strong as ever. Getting personal and building an army of sharers ensures you stay top of mind with your audience. Our top tip: make sure you regularly cleanse your database and segment audiences appropriately!

Get organised
Try to automate as many tasks as you can to increase efficiencies and reduce demand on your resource.

Showing your ads to users who’ve previously visited your site as they browse the web (remarketing ads) are one of the most powerful forms of marketing. Ensuring your brand is front of mind when customers are ready to buy can radically improve ROI and can achieve higher conversions. Want to know more about this? Our resident remarketing pro Eva is on hand to answer any Q’s you may have. Our number one tip for remarketing: make sure the ads are targeted, have relevant optimised content and cap the limit on how many times users are exposed to them (no one likes a stalker!)

After a morning of great discussion, networking and industry examples, we’re excited for the next Social Media and Marketing Show! We’ll keep you all posted on the next event and hope to see more of your friendly faces there.

So... what’s the next step for your marketing strategy!? Give us a call if you want some expert advice.