Have you participated in a TikTok dance challenge or the #Run5k challenge on Instagram yet? With more people at home during this Government restricted lockdown it has urged people to stay connected to their loved ones, and keep themselves occupied, via social media challenges.

With the Coronavirus continuing to upend familiar routines in households all over the world, people are looking for ways to pass the time. TikTok and Instagram have been driving forces in entertaining people at home – primarily through these social media challenges. The ability to connect users all over the world using a simple hashtag has been a global phenomenon for a decade now. However, we can’t ignore the eruption of ‘challenges’ (and the number of people baking banana bread) since #quarentinelife. Humans love playing games with friends and families, so these challenges are a nice alternative to help families and friends stay in touch.

Instagram stay home sticker

Instagram release their own Challenge Sticker!

Instagram quickly noticed the rise in these social media challenges and very cleverly created the ‘Challenge Sticker.’ This allows users to automatically join any of the challenges without waiting on one of their friends nominating them. This has helped create a community feel in the app during this difficult period as well as driving engagement rates through the roof!

How do I use Instagram’s new challenge sticker?

Once you open your stories camera and film your challenge - whether that be a dance or #100Burpees (ouch!), you can open the sticker tray and select the challenge sticker.

the Instagram stories deck where you can find the Challenge sticker

There are hundreds of challenges for users to choose; from fitness to comedy, and everything in between! Instagram has created a database where users can browse challenges based on keywords – similarly to the TikTok Discover page. Once you select the challenge you can then tag and nominate your friends directly on the story clip. It’s super simple!

Why should my organisation get involved in social media challenges

Brands and influencers should absolutely be getting involved in social media challenges for a number of reasons!

1. For organisations who are unable to open and entertain the public; such as theatres, museums or sports teams; then social media is the perfect way to connect with your audience. Using the Hashtag Challenges or Stickers on Instagram will encourage your audience to engage with your organisation more so than they normally would if your venue was open.

2. Social media challenges help drive engagement levels on your profile. The more you engage with the app, the more the algorithms on these channels will reward you. By using the stickers, liking and commenting on other posts, and frequently posting on your story or page then the platform will show your content to more of your followers.

3. Whilst in lockdown, people are craving that feeling of community. The social media challenges are connecting families and friends at home, and they are also connecting brands and consumers. For example, check out #26jumps on TikTok for the Made by Sport 2.6 challenge where you will see hundreds of athletes from various sports and clubs participate to help raise awareness for different UK Charities.

The TikTok discover page where you can find the 26jumps challenge

4. Social media challenges also encourage organic growth, especially on Instagram and TikTok. The more people participate in your challenge by using your hashtag and tagging you; the more exposure your organisation will receive!

Organisations in the arts and culture industry have been hit the hardest by this pandemic as they aren’t allowed to open their doors to visitors. So, social media challenges are a great way to interact with your audience in the meantime. Here are some of the most popular Instagram and TikTok challenges that you can get involved in:

  • The Getty Museum Challenge: this challenge has been a hit for many museums and art galleries across the world. Find items in your household to reimagine your favourite piece of art.
  • The Album Covers Challenge: this is a great challenge for music venues and musicians to get involved in. Recreate your favourite album cover at home!
  • Dancing on my Own: this challenge encourages people at home to get up moving and dancing in their living room.

Are you wondering how you can better connect with your audience during this time? Our team of social media experts can help you harness social media in a number of ways and help create a strategy that is right for your organisation. Contact us today!

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