Publication: Finance Monthly
Date: 8th May 2015

Gone are the days when consumers were reluctant to provide personal data, hello to sharing copious amounts of personal data. Thanks to advances in technology and the willingness to share, brands have the ability to better tailor their communications to capture the audience attention and encourage conversions.

Digital marketing presents a more tangible way to measure marketing success, can break down the barriers enabling you to reach international audiences on multiple devices not to mention real-time measurability. Above all, digital marketing allows you to reach the people which is what it’s all about right!?

Your digital strategy should provide a roadmap of how you will use digital technology however many companies think their digital strategy is fixed in time which is one of the biggest mistakes they can make.

In her guest piece in Finance Monthly, our Cat is chatting about how digital marketing can help businesses meet their objectives and why companies should use digital marketing over other forms of marketing.

Read more of the article below or find Cat's piece on page 57 of Finance Monthly here.