Back in November 2014, at Twitter’s finance review day, it was revealed that Twitter would be extending the reach of its advertising beyond its own service to further increase ad revenue. With a decrease of 3 million new sign-ups from the last quarter to this quarter, it was about time Twitter did something to boost it’s business, right!?

Well, during a presentation to media buyers at the Consumer Electronics Show on the 9th of January this year, it was revealed that Twitter is now looking to incorporate ads in tweet streams across third-party and external sites. According to the CEO of TMW, this will ‘reduce the reliance on the relentless need for new users’ and generate the much needed revenue for the business.

Thought to be in talks with ESPN, Flipboard and others, Twitter is looking to widen its reach to more consumers and boost revenue amongst non-users (yes you heard me right - there are still people out there not using Twitter!).

What else will this bring?

As well as reaching out to non-Twitter users and boosting revenue, offering ads on external sites could create a great targeting opportunity and as such, brands may be excited to get involved! For example, if we were to advertise on a blog website focusing on search marketing, social media marketing or web design, this would increase the potential of reaching our target audience. Additionally, with its potential new claims of success, businesses may be more willing to experiment with Twitter ads as an addition to their marketing strategy.

However, there is not a clear strategy on how this will be rolled out and, as such, we may witness lower rates of initial adoption. In the first instance, there has been no confirmation of how the ads will look, how the content will appear and whether there will be restrictions with regards to where the ads are placed. For example, when advertising on the Google Display Network, an advertiser can place certain websites in an exclusion list to ensure their ads are not displayed on these websites.

With a number of questions still to be answered, we’ll be keeping a close eye on this over the next few weeks so watch this space!