The other week our Creative Director ran an app design workshop for the NHS in After Digital HQ with some of the youths involved with our long-term client W-WEST.

Having been contacted by the NHS about developing a mobile app to help young people quit smoking, After Digital scoped out the project and spec. Working in conjunction with Intelligent Mobile, After Digital is responsible for delivering a relevant and engaging app design and new branding.

As part of the design process, After Digital decided to run a workshop with youths from the W-WEST project, whose focus is on supplying young people with all the information they need about smoking in order to make healthy and sensible decisions. The charity, funded by NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, is "run for young people, by young people".

Kicking off after school hours, the workshop welcomed 8 young people and several W-WEST and NHS personnel. Our Creative Director, Scott Gilmour, ran the attendees through the creative process, focusing down on core brand messages and exploring target audience values, and allowing for input and feedback in order to develop branding and key design elements that the target audience really engaged with. After the session Scott styled up several versions of the new branding and app interface and will continue to liaise with the youths to select the final design.

The app is due to launch in the coming months, so we'll keep you updated with its progress. We look forward to working with the NHS and W-WEST more on this and other projects in the future.

Melanie Owens, Health Improvement Senior at Public Health Directorate, said; "After Digital's stakeholder brand workshop was a great collaborative session. The young people really enjoyed it and we ended up with some fantastic ideas that will enable us to effectively evolve the brand and reach out to our audiences."