How can you possibly hope to effectively communicate with new, or existing, audiences if you don’t know who it is you’re speaking to, how best to reach them, where they are or what they want? The answer is you can’t. Today’s blog explores some interesting social media statistics that illustrate how different consumer groups are behaving in the market today and how things have changed.

Understanding your audiences and how they behave is pivotal to your success in the online space. But with consumer behaviour altering and adapting so rapidly, in line with constant technological advances, it’s difficult to keep on top of the data.

Here are some thought-provoking statistics I’ve read lately that illustrate how different user groups are currently interacting with each other and organisations in the online social space:

We’ll revisit these social media statistics next year to see how things have changed, but in the meantime you should be keeping tabs on, and therefore meeting the expectations of, your specific user groups by implementing Analytics, tracking and continuous reporting across your digital channels.

Our next Stimulating Statistics 2013 blog will look at how media consumption has changed, providing highlights into what this could mean for you as a business and the way you market your organisation in the online space.