The pandemic has created a new timeframe for digital roadmapping. Where before we would have taken weeks to analyse and understand the long-term needs of a client's digital requirements, the urgency of the pandemic has driven a new approach. The demands of the rapidly-changing times we live in have refined our approach to offer tactically-driven digital interventions that can be turned around in days, not weeks, and that has a much shorter delivery horizon – usually within months.

This approach allows our clients to pivot with confidence that the new direction of travel will support their longer-term digital needs whilst enabling quick deployment of new tactics to capitalise on the environment they are faced with.

diagram showing the cycle of digital evolution following a digital roadmapping project

One example we delivered recently shows this to great effect. Retail stores on the high street have faced very challenging times with a 3-4 month lockdown and, thereafter, severely reduced footfall across their stores whilst committed to pre-lockdown costs. Many have taken to enhancing their online presence and embracing new digital marketing techniques.

Working with one of Scotland's longest standing retailing success stories, Pagazzi Lighting, we have taken an already strong online presence and refined it further, with an approach that’s proven effective and rapid to deploy. Intensive 1:1 interviews with the company's leadership team and key staff allied to open exchanges with the incumbent agencies in place, allowing us to quickly engineer a plan to optimise the website and further refine the digital marketing activity already underway.

Recommendations included an ongoing workstream of user experience optimisation using heat mapping to test and learn rapidly, moving up the decision on replacing a soon-to-be-retired EPOS/CMS platform, investment in customer data analysis, and aggressive benchmarking of digital marketing and social activity.

“Whilst still in the early stages, things are going well. Steve’s personal style, combined with his comprehensive & knowledgeable approach, have ensured that our project has got off to a good start.”

Alan Pagan, Chairman at Pagazzi

When it comes to tactical digital roadmapping, it is crucial to identify where the gaps are in your digital marketing strategy so we can identify missed opportunities which will make you more money.

When you are working on your own digital marketing activities day-to-day, it can be difficult to identify the gaps in your optimisations or new opportunities – especially when you are still getting results.

Our team of digital marketing experts are well-versed across a wide range of digital marketing disciplines and platforms and are able to interrogate your data to pinpoint the issues holding your advertising activities back from reaching their true potential.

Working with Pagazzi Lighting, we thoroughly audited their SEO, PPC, and social media activity; not only did we identify missed opportunities to make Pagazzi more money, but we also looked at optimisations which would save any wasted budget. This could then be reinvested into top-performing campaigns.

image of inside a lighting shop, a key client in after digitals fast-tracked digital roadmapping project

The auditing process allows our team to compile a list of recommendations to further optimise existing campaigns, propose any restructuring at an account level, and advise on best practices which are not currently being observed.

Audits provide impartial advice and let someone look at your activity from the outside, which allows for a greater degree of objectivity which can sometimes be missing when managing activity on a day-to-day basis.

This approach has proven to be highly effective in driving rapid change in trying times whilst maintaining confidence in the overall strategic direction of travel most importantly trackable ROI on the investments needed to maintain market position and revenue growth.