As consumers, we are always connected to the online world and expect instant access to information as soon as events take place. As such, a real-time strategy has never been of greater importance for providing content instantaneously to those in demand. In line with this, outdoor digital art has come into the spotlight over the last year, in a bid to increase awareness for an organisation in an out-of-home environment.

Tate Britain - Outdoors Digital Art Campaign

After collaboration with Liveposter, Total Media and Posterscope, we were wowed by Tate Britain’s latest outdoor digital art campaign. This is a real-time data driven campaign designed to re-engage with Londoners, visitors and international tourists, and in a short timeframe, has been very effective in doing so. This campaign has also come first in the Creative Techniques category in the Art of Outdoor Digital competition in early 2014.

The innovative outdoor campaign features a wide variety of paintings and vintage art stemming 500 years, which will be displayed through the utilisation of real-time data. And, where better to display such art than Ocean’s Two Towers in West London – regarded as the UK’s best digital advertising opportunity, with the ability to target a large volume of traffic between Heathrow and Central London.

The premise of this is to exhibit spectacular art from the gallery, provide real-time information through art and engage the audience through excellent use of real-time data. As such, Liveposter has created an algorithm for Tate Britain, which will work by displaying art relevant to the audience at a particular moment. The data will be analysed based on the day and time providing snippets of art alongside inspirational messages, flight updates, and welcome messages in a variety of languages. And then comes the clever part. The algorithm analyses current weather conditions, displaying art relating to the conditions such as Turner’s painting - ‘The Storm’. Not only does this inform commuters in a way that has never been done before, but it is a quirky, fun and relevant way to do so, which the people of London and visitors have been taking well to.

Additionally, traffic flow will also be analysed to determine the length of the copy, which will display alongside the art, smart eh? We thought so!

Work by Collaborator

In a trial conducted by collaborator Posterscope, purchase considerations and online searches were analysed across 120,000 with the aim of better advising clients on top advertising locations. The Chief Strategy Officer at Posterscope has termed this “one of the agency’s biggest game changers” and that drawing on data will help to improve effectiveness of outdoor ads for a wide range of organisations.

Tate Britain’s outdoor digital art campaign illustrates how data can be effectively utilised in real-time. This is the latest in the line of real-time data-led marketing activities and we expect to see a whole host of organisations following suit in the next few months. This represents a shift in marketing towards real-time consumable information, which is currently in high demand from consumers. We look forward to seeing more of the same creative output for organisations in the coming months.