After successfully launching the dynamic new EVIMalaR website, the organisation extended its working relationship with After Digital in order to produce the creative new Malaria Comic site.

EVIMalaR, coordinated by the University of Glasgow, brings together researchers from across the globe in the aim of putting a stop to malaria. The network consists of 62 partners across 4 continents who now use the new EVIMalaR website to aggregate research, publications and communicate efficiently with each other and the general public.

EVIMalaR returned to After Digital to develop the Malaria Comic website, which looks to engage the public in a fun and innovative way, in order to communicate the risk posed by malaria and the work going into tackling the disease. The site features key information about the research network and a unique magazine feature, which allows users to navigate through the Malaria Comic, zooming in and out of captions and content. The magazine is also available as a download to enhance accessibility.

The site aspires to efficiently reach its audience, encourage engagement and spread the network’s message and mission. Integrated social media prompts visitors to become more involved with EVIMalaR and share site content with their peers.

After Digital is excited to have been involved in such an imaginative and fun project, and looks forward to a prosperous ongoing relationship with EVIMalaR.

Hansa Pertab, EVIMalaR Administrator, said; “After the success of the EVIMalaR project we returned to After Digital to develop the Malaria Comic site. The team were once again enthusiastic and helpful, and we are delighted with the digital solutions they implemented to create our new interactive online comic. We look forward to seeing the impact of this new site and continuing to work with After Digital in the future.”