After a morning filled with insights, I was excited to see what the afternoon had to offer. Strategies for building your Facebook page, how to win clients from social media and tips for blogger outreach here we come…

5 surefire aways to build your Facebook page

We all know about the decline in Facebook’s organic reach (estimated to have gone down to a measly 2% of late). Even worse, some of us have witnessed this decline first-hand. So, we felt this was one seminar our Carly should attend.


Facebook is all about getting into the subconscious of the audience, it’s not about bombarding them with promotional posts, it’s about making the audience aware of your business to ensure when they are in a position to buy, there’s only one place they want to go.

Liz went on to discuss her 5 key strategies for success using Facebook:

PLAN what you want to achieve: do you want more likes, to increase the size of your email subscriber list or to simply build brand awareness? Defining a plan is the starting point. Otherwise, you won’t know when you achieve your goals.

RESEARCH & UNDERSTAND your audience. Using Facebook’s graph search allows you to find common characteristics amongst your audience, identify their interests, which groups they are part of and become part of these groups to reach them in new ways.

CREATE amazing, fresh and varied content. Focus 80% on your ideal customer and ensure only 20% of your content is for promoting your business. Use images to tell your story, get involved in topical conversation, create ‘how to’ and ‘top tip’ videos to showcase your expertise, ask for feedback, link to other interesting content, make your fans feel loved and share your reviews and testimonials. Above all, have character, personality, show sense of humour and ultimately speak the same language as your audience.

POST CONSISTENTLY. Check your Facebook Insights and find out what works for you whether that’s images, videos or standalone text posts. We all regularly optimise for when our audience are known to be online, however Liz suggested posting when they are offline also as they will see our content when scrolling through afterwards.

After DigitalS BUDGET. Each piece of content goes to Facebook and based on how often you post and engage with your audience, the algorithm determines the level of reach for each post. Since quarter 1 2015, organic impressions have gone down by 35% whilst paid impressions have increased by 80% making Facebook very much a ‘Pay to Play’ platform. We’ve said it before - if you haven’t changed how you use Facebook, you’re missing out.

Want to hear more from Liz, catch up with her over on Twitter.

Trends and trying something new in blogger outreach

The final session of the day came from Emma Campbell from O PR. Bloggers have become a new form of media and this strategy of engaging people with a personal tone has grown to become more effective than an ad campaign.

The long term saying ‘people trust people’ has never resonated as much and now 92% of consumers trust recommendations from other people over branded content. It has grown to become more about influencer marketing and this is what will convert customers to sale before branded content would. Smart PR companies are adopting digital practice and creating truly measurable campaigns (all too many still fail Massively to achieve this).

Top tips from Emma:

  • Use bloggers as your bran ambassadors - 72% will share additional posts about their sponsors for free.
  • Challenge bloggers to create, don't tell them what to so.

Want to get involved with blogger outreach and find out how bloggers could help grow your business, find out more fro Emma here...

Key takeaways from the Expo

Here’s just some of the top soundbites that resonated with me during the day:

“Use Facebook to tell stories but NOT your stories. Use Twitter to listen & converse. Use LinkedIn to network & deal” - Neil Simpson. 

“When new social channels come along, reserve your vanity URL. You never know when you might want to get involved” - Sharon Callix. 

"Think more about P2P (people to people) than B2B and B2C." 

"Measure. Adapt. Change." 

We love getting out and about and hearing from others across the industry. thanks to everyone who was involved and started interesting conversations on the day. I had a blast!