Ticketing in the arts is a hot topic, whether it be simply how to sell more tickets or how to optimise the process across channels and mediums, ticketing is at the epicentre of most arts and culture organisations.

Having worked with leading organisations across the UK and internationally for the past 18 years, and gaining Tessitura Web Capable status over 7 years ago, we've invested a lot of time and interest into getting to the heart of the challenges facing this dynamic sector. We regularly conduct research with key user groups to highlight issues and present recommendations and we work in close partnership with a number of third-party providers, including Tessitura, Spektrix, TOR, Patron Edge and Portfolio.

At the end of last year, we contracted a new piece of research into the challenges with online booking system administration and functionality. This research provided some key user insights that have helped us to continue the development of our Tessitura Bridge™ product.

We'd now like to share our findings, so you the community can benefit and contribute. You can find the headline findings in our infographic below and download the full report at the bottom of this page.