As a recognised long-term ticketing integration agency After Digital is no stranger to the trials and tribulations that organisations encounter when trying to decide which box office platform to opt for. Undertaking integration projects with a variety of different booking platforms and engines we still see a large proportion of our arts clients signing up to licenses for Tessitura or TNEW. Not only is this pattern validating the brand’s continual stronghold of market share in both the US and the UK but also championing the need for the software to reflect best UX and UI for customer ease of use and administration efficiency.

In advance of TLCC 2017, Tessitura reached out to After Digital to discuss a flexible template offering, ready for the Tessitura community to purchase and implement on their websites at the launch of TNEW version 7 in San Diego.

As a promoted partner and integration specialist we were thrilled to get involved and started working our way through the areas of our bespoke After Digital template.

Having worked on a variety of different web integrations for organisations utilising both Tessitura full API and TNEW we were glad to see that the v7 template had been evolved to use basic Bootstrap styling, meaning we could now customise fonts, colour and icons much more easily and quickly than ever before. Our development team were also excited to see that they now had full control over the header and footer areas that wrap around the TNEW content - which previously had caused issues for clients looking for this level of styling with the majority being left unsatisfied at the level of flexibility in their templates.

Our new TNEW v7 template offers the community an easy and affordable way to complement their existing website, providing the ability to adapt brand fonts, colour Pantone sets and core asset styling requirements, such as button shapes.

After Digital TNEW template user flow example

Simple, effective ticketing

Presenting a clean and intuitive structure the After Digital template guides users seamlessly through the SYOS and check-out processes, eliminating any choice paralysis the user might encounter throughout their journey and increasing the likelihood of a successful purchase.

“With over half our Tessitura client base using TNEW, when v7 launches, we are looking forward to seeing the benefits they will get and the opportunity to work with some incredible new organisations across the globe. We’re proud that organisations who purchase the After Digital template will benefit from our years of ecommerce and UX experience, in addition to our ticketing and Tessitura knowledge. This is the first time that Tessitura have collaborated and provided such autonomy for their users and integration partners, which opens up interesting opportunities and we’re certainly excited to be part of the v7 roadmap journey.”

- David Johnstone, Managing Director, After Digital