Publication: International Arts Manager
Date: 18 May 2015

With increased usage of social media, there has been a whole lot of chatter recently about audience etiquette at the theatre and during arts performances. The big debate: should technology be embraced during a performance or should it be banned in fear of distracting others?

In her monthly Digital Doctor column for the International Arts Manager, our Cat is giving her opinion on the debate.

Your audience is there because they have interest in the performance - why restrict this when they could be spreading positive word about the performance? We all know how good WOM is right? Yes. 31% of performing arts venues have seen a positive impact on revenue from allowing technology to become part of the experience whilst the Tate galleries have said digital was 'forcing them to rethink creative practices'. With the continual growth in technology and the desire to reach a younger audience, it poses the question - how can you keep the digiterati happy whilst catering to an existing audience!?

There is a fine line between activities which are good for social outreach and those which are distracting to both the audience and the performers alike and the key to getting the balance right is to know your audience.

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