A key part of any journey is knowing what your starting point is. Only then can you accurately guide the travellers to their end destination, even if that endpoint is in actual fact just a way point.

The Digital Transformation (or, as we prefer to call it, Digital Evolution) journey is often circuitous, apt to change and often deviates from the path first chosen. As such, the starting point is crucial as a reference upon which to judge just how far you’ve come.

In order to facilitate this, we regularly run a Digital Maturity exercise at the start of our Digital Evolution process, to ensure we have a clear marker as to how far our clients have come, and importantly, how far is yet to go.  It will also indicate a direction of travel, highlight the gaps we need to fill and tell us just where the specific way points may lie upon the journey.


By reviewing these three key areas it allows you to understand where you stand as a business / organisation, how digitally sophisticated you are as you transact with your audiences and how effective your digital marketing and communications are. It will also give us a guide as to the level of skills you possess within your existing staff body.

This mapping process offers a clear visual representation of the gaps and the areas for focus.  It forms a crucial part of the kick-off and discovery phases as it assists our consulting team in directing the questions to the areas most needing asked. For our clients, this visual reference acts as an effective review and reporting tool internally.

What we have found is that the vast majority of clients start on the journey without clearly establishing their starting point or ‘what is’ situation as we often refer to it. Anecdotally, at a recent conference we spoke at, a show of hands from c.50 delegates revealed that less than a handful had actually analysed their digital maturity before investing significant time and resource into activating a plan. And, this is a common state of affairs in our experience.

The reality is that whether you are a Tot just starting out on this exciting journey or a Master, well into digital and confident in your direction of travel, knowing where you are as you make the first steps on your digital journey will massively aid your progression and success.


There is no right or wrong, just what is. Every single project we have worked on starts in a different place and ends at a different way marker. The key to successful delivery is knowing where the two points lie in relation to each other.

Digital is ever-evolving and the cultural development of your team to keep evolving alongside it (allied to the changes in infrastructure, skills and processes required) makes for one of the most dynamic, challenging, and frankly fun journeys, any business or organisation can embark upon. To ensure a successful arrival you have to know where you are leaving from.

Give us a ring to discuss your needs or complete the downloadable Digital Maturity questionnaire and send on to us,so that we can explore where your starting point is.