With more than 50% of all 'local' Internet searches being conducted via mobile 2011 was branded the "year of the mobile". Building on from this, 2012 looks set to focus on the consolidation of many channels and the ubiquitous adoption of mobile browsing. Add to this the prediction that by 2014 mobile Internet usage is estimated to overtake desktop usage, and optimising your website for use on touch devices has never been more pertinent.

2012: The year of the touch device.

As screen resolutions increase you need to look at ways to future-proof your website, to make sure your website is as accessible as possible to all user groups. With functionality and aesthetics reduced on mobile and touch devices, websites must present alternative means of navigation and presenting information to optimise the user experience across platforms. A touch audit of your site may be the perfect alternative to investing in a fully compatible mobile website development if you require a quick-fix, cost-efficient solution.

A health check for your website.

A touch audit checks to see that your website works correctly on mobile and touch devices, highlighting areas of improvement and producing actionable recommendations. An effective touch audit will look to establish feedback on:

  • Usability/Technical performance
  • Navigation and structure
  • Site design and how it renders across touch devices
  • Security and privacy issues

For example, hover-overs, drop-down menus and other design elements do not render efficiently, if at all, in touch devices, meaning care must be taken to find suitable alternatives to generate a seamless user experience. Effective design and development will safe-guard your website against evolutions in technology and the fast-pace nature of the digital sphere.

While touch devices no longer necessarily mean small screens, you must still consider the importance of scale when viewing your website across platforms. Responsive design and stripped-back site structure and content will facilitate this process. Moreover, organisations should be striving to create a level of consistency between the functionality, usability and accessibility of their website when viewed on varying devices.

Touching on the benefits.

A touch audit ultimately aims to enhance the performance of your website, resulting in solutions to produce:

  • A better user experience
  • Quicker download speeds
  • Simple and intuitive navigation
  • An increase in visitor return rates via touch devices

Despite a growing proportion of users visiting organisation's websites via touch devices, a recent survey found that 32% of respondents are still finding mobile sites difficult to navigate, meaning that companies are failing to meet their target audience's expectations, which may well be deterring, if not decreasing sales and/or enquiries.

Make sure that you stay ahead of the game by ensuring your website performs well no matter how your users come to view it!

If you want to enhance the performance of your website across platforms, create an enjoyable user experience, and increase the return on investment of your online presence, contact us to discuss the possibilities of conducting a touch audit of your site on 0141 33 11 323 or at [email protected]