Countries all over the world have imposed mandatory social-distancing measures to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus and, as a result of this, we have seen many businesses and industries change and adapt to the COVID-19 crisis over the past few weeks. Thousands of theatres, stadiums, arenas, restaurants and other public places have closed with the live events and sports industries being impacted the most.

After Digital has recently been involved with the creation of the WeWillRecover project, which aims to share free content from a number of industry experts that will support and guide those in the live entertainment sector.

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What is WeWillRecover?

WeWillRecover is an initiative conceived by Activity Stream in collaboration with select partners to help organisations get back on track during these pressing times. With a number of public venues empty for the foreseeable future, the project aims to build a global online community who can advise those working in the sector on how to connect with consumers in the time being and guide them during the period of re-opening. The website is a place where people can create a comprehensive collection of reliable and meaningful content for others to learn from as they adapt to this new reality.

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Activity Stream monitor data for live entertainment and sports venues across the world, providing them with invaluable insights for the sector. We were introduced to Activity Stream by Andrew Thomas, from Ticketing Professionals, at the beginning of the year as we both had a mutual interest in the arts and culture industry. In the last few months we have partnered up with Activity Stream on a number of projects and events, however, WeWillRecover has been the most exciting yet! Collaborating closely on branding, UX design and marketing we managed to deliver an insightful and compelling website for the WeWillRecover initiative.

As the Arts and Entertainment industry faces the biggest challenge in living history, partnership and collaboration have never been more important. So, when Martin contacted me asking if we wanted to be involved in this global initiative, there was no doubt in my mind, we were in!

I spoke to the team and asked for volunteers to help out and the response was incredible. Within a week, the team had gone above and beyond to create a brand new site, craft content and deliver assistance on marketing. I hope the platform is one that will genuinely assist the industry in its recovery efforts and stimulate further collaboration. After all, we are all in this together."

David Johnstone, Managing Director, After Digital

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How can WeWillRecover help you?

Organisations in the live entertainment field will have to find a way to change their approach and adapt to new methods in a fast and effective way. In these times of uncertainty, having a sense of direction based on the insights from our experts will help give organisations a chance to thrive once again. The most important aspect for these organisations is to recapture and invite as many of their audience members back, in the safest and most considerate way possible. This means reviewing communication efforts, looking at case studies and understanding how to connect with your existing audience in these times. WeWillRecover aims to create a community whose purpose is to guide and support organisations on their way back to recovery; helping them reconnect with their audiences. The recovery process will allow organisations to flourish once more and provide entertainment for all.

Any organisation in the live entertainment and sports industry who are looking for some guidance and support will benefit from the content created on the WeWillRecover website.

On top of this, you can sign up and subscribe to the WeWillRecover Newsletter that will keep you updated on all the latest content, important information and inspiration to help your organisation recover. Any affected organisation can also join the WeWillRecover community on Slack where people can share stories, advice and keep up to date with industry insights.

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Working with Martin and Natasha on the WeWillRecover was a great experience. As a designer, I think it speaks volumes about the power of making something collectively, especially when motivated by a greater cause. It was one of those rare occasions where a small team that had never met before was able to come together very fast and make something quite significant. There were no egos at the table, decisions were made fast and without fear of getting things wrong. Because of this iteration, feedback and most of all trust played a massive role in the success of the creation of the site. I can’t wait to see what it brings in the future

Stef Woznarowycz, UX Designer, After Digital

How can I become a content creator for WeWillRecover?

Do you have experience working in the live events industry and have some advice or insights that may help some organisations? Have you recently written an interesting article or blog post? Or have you filmed a Q&A that may benefit those in the WeWillRecover community? Submit your content at [email protected] and the team will publish your content, under your ownership, to the website.

During these difficult, unprecedented times it is important we work together to fully rebuild, reconnect and recover. If you would like to get involved or have any questions regarding the initiative then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us using the form below, or alternatively, email: [email protected]

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