Last month, we welcomed our new Digital Marketing Manager, Lynn Aitchison to the team!

Lynn will now be heading up our marketing department, but just because you're management, it doesn't mean you get out of our 'getting to know you blog', so we asked Lynn a couple of questions about her past experience, her hobbies and most importantly if she has any weird talents.

What attracted you to After Digital?

I have a passion for all things digital and had always thought I might like to work for an agency, so it was great timing for me when the Digital Marketing Manager position became available.

After Digital’s wide range of clients, and ‘work hard, play hard’ ethos (which is prominent on our social profiles) was definitely a big selling point. Not to mention the focus on maintaining a positive company culture, which makes After DIgital such a nice place to work.

Tell us a bit about what you did before joining After Digital.

Previous to joining the After Digital team, I was employed as Group Marketing Manager by The Ice Factor Group - an adventure sports company who owns and operates Snow Factor Glasgow (Scotland’s only indoor snowsport facility) and Ice Factor Kinlochleven (The National Ice Climbing Centre).

I operated a digital-first strategy for which The Ice Factor Group won the FSB Digital Marketing award in 2018. This was in part due to the successful growth in the Group’s online sales throughout 2017. Across the UK have grown by an average of 15% in 2017 within the UK leisure sector (OFS 2017), the Ice Factor Group has achieved an average of 62% growth every year for the last 5 years.

I have worked in a variety of industries; adventure sports, leisure, retail, insurance, hospitality, materials handling and manufacturing. You can check out my full employment history via Linkedin.

What do you bring to the team?

I’m a digital marketing professional with over 7 years’ experience across a variety of roles and industries, I have a proven track record of delivery for both engaging campaigns and ROI for SMEs.

What do you do in your spare time?

I’m a bit of a gym junkie and am a keen equestrian (horse rider). I love to stay active and keep fit and enjoy a wide variety of sports - from horse riding, Russian kettlebells, snowboarding and walking/ rock climbing.

I’ll give most things a try - a couple of years ago I ran away with the circus for a day and tried aerial hoop, Chinese silks and trapeze.

Funniest or best experience you’ve had whilst horse riding?

Best experience - jumping 1.30m fences and not falling off!
Funniest - out hacking a wasp flew up my horse’s nose and we ended up a good few feet up in the air before he bolted. It’s funny now, but at the time it was a real heart in your mouth moment. I’m really just chuffed that I managed to stay in the saddle.

If you could only watch one TV show for the rest of your life what would it be?

Game of Thrones! I love the characters, the fact that nobody is safe and how quickly things change. It’s about the only TV show I can binge watch. My favourite characters are Tyrion, Arya and of course Daenerys Targaryen.

You’re hosting a dinner party and you can invite four famous people, dead or alive, who would you invite and why?

  1. JK Rowling - I am a massive Harry Potter fan and would love to meet her. She is the reason at 12 years old I desperately wanted to be a witch. I’m still waiting for my letter to Hogwarts.
  2. Jared Leto - he seems like a pretty cool guy who has done a lot of amazing things. He likes to climb (and so do I) and I love his band 30 Seconds to Mars!
  3. Salvidor Dali - he is my favourite artist and he was extremely eccentric, he would no doubt be a very interesting dinner guest. I would love to ask him about his inspirations for some of his famous pieces.
  4. Marilyn Monroe - in my opinion, she is the greatest style icon of all time. I would have loved to see her perform ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’.

Do you have any weird talents or party tricks?

I’m extremely flexible and can do the splits. I have also taught my cat to walk on a lead, sit and give high fives. Oh yes, I am a fully fledged #CrazyCatLady

Which celeb would play you in a movie?

Jennifer Lawrence - I think she is hilarious!

If you could have the ability to solve one inconvenience for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Frizzy hair is the bane of my life. I would love to be lucky enough to never have this problem.

What's your favourite quote?

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly is the moment you cease forever being able to do it”. JM Barrie, Peter Pan.

Welcome to the team Lynn, we look forward to seeing what you do in your new role!