In February 2013 Google announced new enhanced campaigns, an upgrade to AdWords that aims to create more efficient and effective campaigns in today’s multi-device and cross-platform digital world. This week Google is launching its Upgrade Centre and by 22 July 2013 all current AdWords campaigns will be updated to enhanced campaigns. So, what does this mean for your organisation and online advertising?

Born in 2000, Google AdWords was the first of its type, offering organisations and individuals a self-service advertising platform never seen before. AdWords aimed to allow organisations to easily setup and manage paid search advertising campaigns to optimise on the online search market - reaching new audiences, boosting brand awareness and driving traffic to their websites. The system was an instant success and by 2001 Google’s ad revenue hit an impressive $85 million.

Since then the digital environment has drastically evolved, becoming more complex in line with socioeconomic and consumer behaviour trends.

Statistics released by Ofcom in 2013 revealed that smartphone penetration in the UK has now reached over 58% and tablet ownership around 19%. What’s more, mobile commerce is becoming increasingly popular, with almost 30% of the UK population making purchases via their phone in the past six months. These figures clearly illustrate the importance of ensuring your online presence is accessible and tailored to your audiences’ viewing devices and browsers, to ensure a seamless and enjoyable user experience, which meets their expectations and efficiently delivers your key messages and objectives.

The new enhanced AdWords campaigns aim to respond to this trend toward a digitally connected and multi-device culture, tapping into customers on the move and reaching them with highly tailored messages on multiple personal interfaces. Marketers can now benefit from contextual and location-based marketing, as well as managing and comparing ads, reports and extensions across a number of devices all from one place.

Benefits of enhanced campaigns:

  • Reach users on the go and across multiple touch points.
  • Contextual marketing - marketers can specifically target users based on their location, device, the time of day and browsing history all from a single campaign.
  • Ads automatically cater to user context - marketers don’t need to edit each campaign to respond to a number of variants.
  • Advanced reports and measurability - marketers can now easily track conversions in the form of calls and downloads via AdWords enhanced campaign reports.

The new AdWords Upgrade Centre supports organisations in the process of upgrading their campaigns to enhanced campaigns, offering useful suggestions and tips, a custom dashboard and a setup flow overview. Google recommends clients log in to their AdWords account and begin upgrading campaigns as soon as possible, so as to make the most out of all the fantastic new features and reports available to you.

Make sure you’re making the most of your ad campaigns by implementing enhanced campaigns, and for any advice or assistance please do not hesitate to contact our digital marketing experts today!