What are Twitter lists? Why should you use them? Are they right for your business? We know you probably have a long list of questions about Twitter lists, so here are our top tips…

Twitter lists allow you to create your own groups of Twitter users with a particular theme in common. Gaining popularity back in 2009, they’ve fallen off the radar a bit but we think it’s about time you got in on a piece of the action, don’t you!?

There’s a whole lot of noise on social media, so it’s not difficult for excellent content to become lost amongst sponsored posts and irrelevant pieces of trivia. That’s where lists come in. They can help you cut through the proverbial cr*p, help to organise who you are following, save you time, make Twitter easier to use and allow you to show someone you value their tweets and actually read the content they worked so hard to create, which is what we all strive for right?

With the growing popularity of lists, Twitter lifted the limits and you can now create up to 1,000 lists with a maximum of 5,000 users on each list - a saviour to those who wish to aggregate content producers and group disciplines / backgrounds / interest areas.

Public or Private

he first hurdle you need to tackle! After spending a great deal of time creating your lists, the question is, do you want anyone to be able to see, subscribe to or even steal your list!? No, then create a private list!

It’s common for users to have a mixture of private and public lists but remember, if you choose to use public lists, ensure the name and description is appropriate and professional as these are publicly available to all. Private lists on the other hand are commonly used for keeping track of your competitors social media activity (an excellent way to keep up to date with their tweets without following them!).

Basic Lists

Everyone should aim to have a basic list. I have a basic list for news and another with industry peers and experts in marketing, but your list will undoubtedly be completely different to mine. It can be a list of anyone you like.

Small businesses for example may create a list of local customers with the aim of identifying their likes, dislikes and the most loyal customers. Your lists don’t have to be the length of your arm or even your leg, however when lists are smaller, tweets tend to get noticed rather than being buried under similar industry content!

Industry Experts List

In advertising, marketing, design or development and have to keep up to date with the latest goings on? Why haven’t you got a twitter list set up already!? Keeping up to date with the latest goings on in tech, digital and marketing is essential to getting ahead and helps to establish your business as an authority.

Location based Lists

Recently moved into an area and want to see what everyone in the area gets up to, good places to eat, drink and socialise? Create yourself a local list to keep up to date with the latest goings on! Similarly, this is a great idea for businesses operating in a number of cities or countries to identify differences between consumers to take action.

Events Lists

When hosting events, many businesses may opt for a hashtag to track what is being discussed about the event in the lead up, during or after the event. However, not everyone uses official hashtags and you can often miss what is being said about your event. But, if you create a Twitter list of all attendees, not only does this allow you to keep track of what is being said about your event, but also what the attendees are tweeting about in general! Additionally, this can allow event attendees to familiarise themselves with each other before the event whilst allowing those who could not attend the event, to follow the discussion without distraction afterwards.

Subscribe and Steal

Worried about not having enough time to construct and manage your own Twitter lists? Fear not, as you can subscribe to the lists of others! Simply click on a Twitter account, view lists and follow the lists you are interested in. For those of you short on time, following a Twitter list is the easiest way to follow the tweets of lots of people in a chosen area without actually following them or spending time to create lists of your own. However, its likely your competitors are creating private lists to ensure they are not stolen, so make sure you don’t miss out on a slice of the action.

Common Problems

Twitter lists are an excellent way to save time, organise who you follow, keep up to date with the latest in your industry and act as a gesture of thanks to someone for providing excellent Twitter content. However, you may be added to lists you don’t want to be a part of. If this happens we suggest approaching the owner of the list and asking them to remove you from the list otherwise blocking their account will remove you from their list and means they will no longer be able to see your tweets.

Twitter lists are just one way to maximise your use of the social platform. For more information and guidance head over to Twitter’s support section!