Although responsive web design is by far the most popular mobile web trend of 2014, flat UI icons, one page scrolling and parallax design all have a positive impact on mobile web with the aim of enhancing user experience and facilitating conversions. So what should you be looking out for this year and why?

The growth of mobile and tablet usage has been incredible with many organisations opting for a ‘mobile first’ approach as a result. However, many remain unaware of the benefits and have placed mobile web on the backburner for the time being. Although marketers have little time to spare for learning the ropes of additional advances in technology, the likelihood is, without a mobile-friendly or responsive website, other marketing activities will be in vain. Not only do responsive websites add value and enhance the user experience, the stats show that it is highly likely your business will also benefit from increased ROI.

Can’t decide whether a responsive website would be beneficial to your business? Take a look at some recent stats...

50% of mobile users will not return whilst 40% will refer back to search results when faced with a website which isn’t responsive.

51% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a responsive website.

Implications for business: Both customer attraction and retention should be key organisational objectives, therefore you want to reduce the barriers to entry. Providing a mobile-friendly online presence helps you to do so. Advances in technology have made the modern day customer hugely impatient, meaning it is the business’ duty to respond to this and ensure you are accessible anytime, anywhere. With figures like ‘51% of users more likely to purchase from a responsive website’, the answer is fairly clear.

One third of search engine clicks go to the first organic listing.

Responsive websites will see on average, a 20% increase in clicks and conversions.

Implications for business: Not only do Google have a soft spot for responsive web design, their latest algorithm, Panda 4.0 rewards businesses that have dedicated time to creating a quality content strategy. A high quality responsive website has never been of greater importance therefore combining both elements will increase organic ranking positions.

50% access mobile web when en route, whilst 60% access in-store.

Implications for business: The growth in online and web exclusive offers has sparked the growth in the use of mobile web whilst in-store. As a result, when in-store, customers may search online to locate the best deals or compare alternatives. If the user is dissatisfied with the user experience, the likelihood of referring to a competitor with an easy to navigate site is highly likely.

70% of searches on a mobile device lead to action on the website within one hour.

Implications for business: Upon reaching a user-friendly, accessible responsive website, users are 70% more likely to take action. However, if a website has not been optimised for responsive viewing, 40% of users will revert back to search results seeking a website which is mobile responsive. It’s quite clear that catering to your audience’s viewing device is of the utmost importance.

61% of people have a better opinion of brands which offer a great web experience.

Implications for business: Optimisation for multi-device viewing, ease of navigation and ease of purchase all add to a great web experience. Not only do great experiences lead to high levels of customer retention and greater conversion, they boost word of mouth, and we all know how good that is for business right? Providing an excellent online experience can also facilitate in-store purchases as brand loyalty has been established.

Responsive email design

As responsive web design advances further in 2014, many smart organisations are also optimising their emails.  Find out more about this in my blog from last month here.

The figures lay it out in black and white - mobile usage will only continue to increase and those organisations who respond by providing a cross-device-friendly or responsive web experience will be the ones who reap the rewards. So what are you waiting for… get responsive!