Digital is always changing. And so should you. You need to be thinking what’s next? What’s after digital?

We wanted to tell you our story. A team that has flourished, but an acronym that over the years has lost its meaning...

Times change. The once electric oven, is now just referred to as an oven. The mobile phone is now just your everyday phone. And, so to will 'digital' become an increasingly invisible adjective within our sector, in line with the proliferation of digital technology in our everyday lives. Digital marketing, for example, is just another discipline within the marketing field and should be an integral part of any good marketer's armoury. Digital strategy should be at the core of all effective business strategies.

With this concept at our heart, we wanted to explore life after digital. As well as a nod to the evolving landscape of technology, our new name is reflective of our team’s passion to always seek out new, exciting tools and techniques.

Award-winning digital agency

As a ‘digital agency’ we see how digital is omnipresent and ever-more complicated in terms of scope and definition. We recognise that while we are ‘digital’, in fact, what we do is get to the heart of a business problem and then apply our particular knowledge, skills and experience in order to help you solve it and create new opportunities. We're not just an agency, we're an established company full of creative thinkers, doers and leaders.

We started our journey as a traditional web design and development agency over 18 years ago, but we’ve transitioned into the role of key strategic partner for our clients - helping advise on digital, as well as deliver. We've responded to our clients' need to evolve and, in turn, we have also evolved.

And so, we thought it necessary to give new meaning and life to our simple acronym, to provide an emphasis on the things that we stand for and to communicate our shared vision - welcome to After Digital.


"The new brand is the output of months of collaborative workshops and strategy planning with the team, whereby we looked to evaluate who we are, what we've become and re-focus the attention on why we all love doing it so much. Each and every member of the team are an important part of what we do and so we wanted their perspectives and opinions to help us shape our new brand image. The website is just in beta currently, so you'll see lots of cool new features and functionality come to the fore shortly. In an industry that evolves so quickly, we're excited to be entering into our next stage of evolution. Watch this space!"

David Johnstone, Managing Director,
After Digital