As as designer, if you come to me with a design proposal, I feel it’s important that you trust me. I understand if you have a vision, it might be hard to let it go, and I wouldn’t want you to, all I’d want is for you to be open to other options.

Your business is your baby and you want to be the one to nurture it and help it grow and as a designer, I would never dismiss your original idea. However, at the end of the day, I assume the reason you’d come to a design agency is because you need advice and expertise, that’s what we’re here for after all.


Let’s take it from another perspective - when you’re ill, you will explain your symptoms to the doctor, you may have a rough idea what the problem is but the doctor will then use their knowledge which they’ve gained through years of education and training to provide a solution to your problem. You trust their judgement and take what they prescribe you.

When it comes to working in a digital agency like After Digital, we’re also experts in our fields. Either studying and/or training for years to learn what we know about the digital industry and what we can do for all our clients. So...when you approach us with a problem we automatically think about how we can help and what would create the best results for your company.

Indeed there is no medication to prescribe for this kind of problem but that’s when our years of collective knowledge and working as a team comes in (a great team at that). If you’re willing to trust us to do what we do best whether it’s your designers eye for detail and user experience knowledge or the digital marketeers suggesting how to promote your company’s profile and increase your turnover. You can trust us.

For a final perspective on why you should trust us, we can look at it from our own point of view. Our main goal in a project is to create success for you not only for your benefit. In all honesty we want to boast about what a great job we’ve done working as your digital partner and how far your business has come since we started working together. The highest ways to increase conversions, no matter what kind of business you’re running is through social proof. You spreading the good word about us will in turn help us secure future clients and hopefully a long lasting relationship with you.