It almost seems like all the social media platforms are out to outdo each other at the moment! With one of the latest developments being Snapchat’s decision to expand Snapchat Shows with 25 new UK series.

According to a study by AdAge, 47% of Millennials and GenXers are consuming TV content and video on streaming platforms, so it only makes sense others in that digital space are doing their best to keep up and maximise on this. We’re all aware of YouTube’s original series and YouTube RED, their subscription-based streaming platform, as well as Instagram TV (IGTV), which is “a standalone vertical video application owned by Instagram” that allows users to upload content up to 10 minutes in length; 60 minutes if you’re popular or verified. So, we’re not surprised that Snapchat has come out with their own version. These new video platforms are the social media answer to TV, making it easier to capture the younger audiences who are more likely to want to access film content through their smartphone.

Snapchat now has 5 million people in the UK watching Shows on their app that are produced by premium partners out of the US. Advancing on this, parent company Snap is now moving towards growing and monetising that audience by giving them more content. Snapchat Shows is adding 25 new series, from around 17 different content producers, out of the UK to the platform and aiming it at millennial audiences. Earlier in the month, Snapchat debuted a host of new US Snap Originals – a separate set of exclusive shows that include echoing the likes of Netflix and Amazon, although a lot shorter.

snap originals preceded snapchat shows

The new Snapchat Shows will be available through the Discover page, which already features "Publisher Stories". The Discover page on Snapchat frequently features short videos and articles from well known brands like MTV, the Food Network and Buzzfeed. Users are able to swipe up to read articles without leaving the app, making current events and news very easily consumed by those using the app. Alongside Twitter’s fast-paced, up to the minute environment, there’s no surprise that young people are increasingly looking to social media platforms as a source of news.

Although there has been similar content (Discover) available on the app for a while now, this will be the first time that the company is working specifically with local partners to produce serialised Show content for the platform. Their full list of partners include the likes of Sky News, Sky Sports, VICE, Gleam Futures, Cosmopolitan UK and Tastemade; so, it looks like there will be some pretty exciting content on the app!

Titles include Fake or Real? A show presented by The Guardian that aims to challenge users perception of news stories. Beyond Beauty and Most Expensivest will also be put forward by Vice; as well as food and culture show Hungerlust by publisher and new Snap partner Culture Trip. YouTube stars aren’t missing out either! Marcus Moans, an entertainment series presented by online influencer Marcus Butler, will come from Gleam Futures. Each show will be filmed vertically and will be around 5 minutes in length, brands will also be able to advertise against six-second non-skippable ads via Snapchat’s self-serve Commercials format.

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Snap’s head of international content partnerships, Rami Saad, spoke on the advancement of Snapchat Shows:

“We want authoritative and credible content… keeping a really high bar,”

- Rami Saad

Saad also mentioned that the platform isn’t looking for co-investment right now, but that Shows offer “an opportunity to help us bring commercials to the platform,” so keep an eye out for that! He also said that the infamous redesign the app had “more than tripled the time spent on Shows in the US”. This may come as a shock considering Snapchat has been having a less than profitable year, with a drop in daily users of 3 million between April and June this year, as well as regularly missing revenue estimates and losing or replacing many senior members of staff. Not to mention that the app was dwarfed by the launch of Instagram Stories, which now boasts around 400 million users in comparison to Snapchat’s 188 million.

Snapchats daily usage over the years will snapchat shows impact this?

However, if Snapchat Shows enjoys the same success as their Discover section, the app may see an improvement in their user-base. Discover launched in January 2015 with 18 brand partners, and now there are more than 100 partners globally and the 21 unique Shows in Discover reached a monthly active audience of over 10 million viewers globally in Q3. It’s highly possible that Shows will follow in Discover's footsteps, and equally likely that it may eclipse it.

We are eagerly awaiting the new series on Snapchat Shows and we’re keen to see what the outcome of this new venture for Snapchat will be. With such a high-quality list of partners, we’re sure it’s going to be incredibly interesting at the very least.