More and more people have been talking about diversity in the workplace which is great to create awareness however we simply don’t have enough of it. Although Britain is considered the home of multiculturalism, these demographics are still not properly recognised in the workplace and as a country, we aren’t as inclusive as we think.

With a desire to have 25% of woman sitting on the board of FTSE 100 companies, this figure currently sits at only 23.5%. and with regards to gender and equality in the workplace, large companies such as Google have openly admitted they aren’t quite where they would like to be with this. Despite diversity being on our radar, we need to see more and more businesses taking a stand and implementing practices that will encourage a fairer working environment. Although this can be a challenge at first, when large corporations begin implementing practices to encourage a fairer work environment, it is likely smaller businesses will follow suit.


Benefits of Diversity in the workplace

Diverse teams get better results according to Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook in advance of the launch of their internal bias management training scheme. With a focus on breaking down the preconceptions and initial judgements organisations may have when hiring, it is great to see Facebook taking accountability and offering solutions to such a widespread issue.

From living in a truly international community, why wouldn’t your business want to benefit from different viewpoints and experiences of people from all walks of life?

In having a workforce which is more adaptable and approach problem solving from different viewpoints, this helps teams to become more creative and innovative and can often help your business think outside the box. Additionally, diverse teams have been known to be more accepting and empathetic when it comes to others and helps to create both a positive and inclusive company culture.

Making your workforce more diverse...

You shouldn’t strive to be diverse simply because your competitors are doing it. At the end of the day, it’s about finding the right person for the job, after all, it’s the people within a company that makes it tick.

Teams with different backgrounds and cultures which compliment each other can help the company to stay ahead of the curve. Attitude is key - you need to be open to making mistakes without thinking of the ‘what if’ scenario. Diversity isn’t something you should shoehorn into your company, creating a great team and a welcoming working environment should be gradual and come naturally.

At recruitment stage, discussing what the candidate can bring to your business is imperative and should be at the forefront of your mind. Hiring across a number of channels can help to expand the type of candidates you reach. For example, advertising your positions on social channels can help you reach an audience already engaged with your business - in doing so, you can rest in the knowledge the majority of the applicants were familiar with your company.

We hire in line with our culture - our values include collaboration, communication and openness meaning we look behind superficial elements and look to hire people who are passionate, driven and open-minded. When working with us, promotions are based on merit and are very transparent meaning our workforce has naturally become more diverse.

The topic of workplace diversity is relatively new to the discussion floor and I think we will be deliberating on this for years to come. With larger companies embracing a more diverse workforce, the hope is this will begin to inspire smaller companies to begin creating a more diverse team. We’re happy we’re moving in the right direction with an amazing team!