Create, organise, tag, locate and share your files throughout your organisation and beyond with ease. Portfolio is a professional digital asset management system developed by Extensis, which allows for streamlined, simple and centralised search across all your content.

From galleries to museums, major brand centres, media publishers and retailers to educational institutes, many organisations have a rich library of image and video assets that they want to be able to present to the world (or select stakeholders) in a usable and scalable format. Having a reliable digital asset management system not only allows you to digitise these items, but to manipulate, store and showcase them as you see fit.

Over the years of working with clients in the public, arts and culture sectors we’ve implemented a number of solutions that dealt with archived content and collections. What’s more our work with major corporates on brand centres, has further emphasised the need for a succinct and effective solution. We’re now delighted to have teamed up with the experts at Extensis integrating their Portfolio product, in order to deliver best-in-class solutions for outstanding online asset management.

We go beyond simple integration. We work hands on with Portfolio to ensure the most seamless integration is achieved. What’s more, we’ve developed a CMS agnostic product called Portfolio Bridge that allows Portfolio to link with your web platform with ease.

“After Digital goes beyond just providing its clients with strategic digital campaigns and websites; they understand the technology infrastructure and workflows that will sustain their long-term and lasting success. Effective digital asset management has become paramount for companies of all shapes and sizes, and we are honoured that they selected Extensis to meet their client’s needs.”

– Toby Martin, VP of Development & Strategy at Extensis.

Portfolio Bridge from After Digital

What are the benefits of Portfolio Bridge?

  • Reduces duplication of effort
  • Reduces administrative limitations
  • Provides enhanced functionality, such as lookup across two categories at once
  • Reduces storage on your web server, thus enhancing load speeds (and boosting web rankings)
  • One central source of all your media (images and video)
  • Easy modification of images within the system

Our objectives were ambitious and we feel they were met strongly in the solutions which After Digital, in collaboration with Extensis/Portfolio, developed… The system is easy to use and we are confident about security. We can have our master assets in a secure vault and our web assets in a separate catalogue. The system offers great expansion opportunities. In developing the website around the data management capacity of Portfolio, After Digital tailored things to our needs and the customisable metadata has been essential in this.

– Graeme Rigby, General Manager, The Amber Collective

Why use Portfolio?

Portfolio is not designed to serve assets directly to a site/application on the web. The bridge’s core function is to circumvent this limitation. This allows an organisation to take advantage of the benefits of Portfolio without having to then spend many extra hours uploading assets separately to each website.

  • Scalable and durable, handling up to 10 million assets with ease.
  • Import files (in a range of formats) from anywhere and organise with tagging and metadata.
  • Fully responsive. You can update assets on the go on your phone or tablet, as well as from your desktop computer.
  • System supports a collaborative workflow, letting you work more efficiently with your team.
  • Secure and compatible, with automated back-ups and secure restore settings.
  • File locking and version control available for enhanced administrative control.
  • Simple to use and easy to edit, organise and manage.
  • Trusted by big brands such as MTV, the National Gallery and Yale University.

Integration experts

As an official global partner to Extensis, we’ve worked to deliver Portfolio integrations for the likes of The Courtauld Institute of Art, The Amber Collective and EDF Energy. All required considerable customisation to create asset management systems that tailored to their unique needs. It was through this process that we identified the need to create Portfolio Bridge.

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