Our TNEW v7 template offers the community an easy and affordable way to compliment your existing website, providing the ability to adapt brand fonts, colour pantone sets and core asset styling requirements, such as button shapes.

You can now make use of the power and simplicity of TNEW without impacting the user experience.
After Digital TNEW v7 Template SYOS

Beautifully simple ticketing across all devices

Convert your users from visitor to customer with a tried, tested and proven TNEW template.

Presenting a clean and intuitive structure the After Digital template guides users seamlessly through the SYOS and check-out processes, eliminating any choice paralysis the user might encounter throughout their journey and increasing the likelihood of a successful purchase.

Fully responsive and mobile-friendly, your purchase path can now offer a world-class experience parallel to your organization’s offering.


Add your branding, font and colours to make it your own.


$2,000 – $3,000; Dependent upon your requirements.

After Digital TNEW v7 Template
After Digital TNEW template user flow example

With a decade’s experience working as a Tessitura Web Capable agency and with a portfolio of award-winning work to our name, we know how to combine stunning UX design and technology to deliver world-class solutions.

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