“Working with After Digital has been a pleasure and I’m really pleased with the final results, which were double original targets for return. I hope our visitors will enjoy engaging with the amazing content they’ve produced and look forward to seeing even more results.”

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60% of marketers say content marketing drives ROI for their business. Content is at the heart of all effective marketing and communications strategies. It is the driving force behind being found in search engines, increasing brand awareness and loyalty, clarifying your offering and vision, and positioning yourself in your marketplace.

An effective content strategy is all about adding value to your proposition and telling your story. Unlike traditional marketing, content marketing focuses on developing useful and engaging content, which the user values and wants to interact with. Every piece of content should be part of the overall content strategy, born to satisfy a business objective and to support a structured user journey. Being able to identify what the end goal of a piece of content is from the offset will enable you to better measure success and justify the time spent developing it.

Our content marketing specialists create and implement relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage with your clearly defined and understood target audiences – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

Developing an effective content strategy involves:

An effective content strategy will continuously evolve. It will allow you to quickly identify what the end goal of each piece of content is, so as to provide clear measurables upon which you can monitor performance and adapt your marketing to achieve the greatest results.

Business analysis & objective setting

Getting to know your business and objectives so that each and every piece of content effectively represents your organisation and achieves a particular goal. KPIs are critical to any digital marketing strategy.

User analysis

Getting to know your audiences, stakeholders and end users to make sure you speak in their language. This may involve stakeholder research, such as focus groups, surveys and interviews.

Market analysis

A review of your competitive and online marketplace, to highlight strategic opportunities for growth and improvement, including consumer trends and search behaviours.

Content development

Creating rich content based on thorough keyword and competitor research, as well as all the above analysis, which is optimised, targeted and bespoke to your organisation.

Channel analysis

Making sure we speak to your audiences via the most relevant, targeted and direct routes, as well as ensuring we take an integrated approach to your communications. Any effective content strategy should provide clear guidelines of how different channels are to be used, and can include an editorial calendar.

Timing & frequency

We work with you to develop content plans that optimise on the periods when you audience are most active and engaged.

Content strategy

A comprehensive strategy is outlined to provide guidelines, best practice and specifications of how your strategy will be implemented and evolve.

Execution and training

Our experienced content marketing specialists will help you implement your strategy and can provide training to ensure your team get the most out of your content marketing approach.

Measurability and iteration

Measurability will be built in from the offset and based on the business analysis. Continual monitoring of your content and online performance will provide guidelines on how to best adapt your strategy going forward.

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