On average 62 billion emails are sent every single day. Reported as the most common lead generation tactic by 89% of marketers, email marketing is something you can’t afford to ignore.

As consumers in today’s digital world, we can pick and choose the marketing we wish to see. We follow the companies of our choice on social media, we click through and read articles that attract our attention, and we only open a handpicked few of the vast numbers of emails we receive daily. Our experts are here to help you ensure that your emails are among the few that are opened and reap the results you want.

Email marketing allows you to create highly tailored messages for well segmented target audiences, ensuring that you reach those you want to with the most relevant communications possible, thus increasing the chance of conversion and ROI.

After Digital’s email marketing services include:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM/ECRM) system analysis and recommendations
  • Email marketing strategy development and implementation
  • Segmentation and goal setting
  • Planning (including content, timing and frequency)
  • Design and development of bespoke email templates (HTML, responsive)
  • Tracking, testing, ongoing optimisation and monthly reporting


ECRM system recommendations

There are a vast number of customer relationship management solutions on the market and choosing the right one for your business can be challenging, time-consuming and daunting. A number of factors should influence your decision - from basic functional requirements to integration with third party systems, not to mention usability and costs.

After Digital will combine our expert knowledge with a solid understanding of your business and requirements to provide you with a detailed comparison report of up to 8 CRM solutions, providing you with informed recommendations. We’ll take into account the vast and varied needs of each stakeholder in your organisation.

With an effective CRM system in place, you’ll soon have a rich database of consumer records, and we can support you in segmenting this database for intelligent, profitable email campaigns.


Email marketing strategy

Effective email marketing is integrated with your brand strategy, your digital strategy, your offline efforts and the overarching business objectives. When executed well, email marketing can drive sales, improve brand loyalty, increase average order value and so much more - but it doesn’t happen by accident. It requires ongoing analysis and optimisation, and once you have your CRM system in place, you should begin to identify the key characteristics that will allow you to segment your customers further.