"We began working with After Digital after they completed a fantastic technical SEO audit for us. This document has proved thoroughly useful and we’ve been able to action many of the points ourselves. We’re excited to continue working with After Digital for our digital marketing needs, which will hopefully see brightsolid taken to new heights in the online space!”


Professional SEO agency

93% of all online user experiences begin with a search engine. Users search online in order to locate information, products or services. They expect to find what they're looking for quickly and accurately. So, if your brand does not appear, you're likely to lose them to competitors.

Search engines like Google return results to queries in an order of relevance - i.e. the site that Google deems most relevant to the query and helpful to the user will appear first in the natural search results. The sequence of the natural search results is decided by an algorithm that aggregates a whole host of factors from on page keyword density to site load speed, through to inbound links, mobile-friendliness and social signals.

With 75% of Internet users not scrolling past the first page of search results, appearing within the top ten search listings massively boosts your chances of securing visits and conversions.

Overview of our SEO Services

Simply put, SEO is the process of gaining visitors to your site by appearing in the organic search results page. Our SEO strategies begin with research into the search terms people are using to find your site and then optimising text to include these phrases on page, structuring content around themes based on the research (user behaviours and trends) and building reputable inbound links to your optimised content from quality, relevant sites.

Our SEO services include, but are not limited to:

Audits & Research

We believe research and reviews are key to understanding your 'what is' situation and identifying opportunities for improvement. Our strategists and digital marketers provide Technical SEO Audits, Content Reviews, Competitor and Marketplace Research, Keyword Analysis, On-Page and Conversion Rate Optimisation Analysis.

Keyword Research & Mapping

An audit of existing site content and performance is undertaken to identify any important phrases or themes, which are then used to research new keyword opportunities that you can competitively rank for. Keyword research is important to understand what users are looking for, context and user behaviours. This means you can shape content to better serve the end user's needs.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis looks at what your competition is doing to rank highly for keywords that are related to your market/offering. Your performance is benchmarked against the competition, taking into account the scale and authority of the site. This provides insights into competitor activity as well as highlighting critical opportunities.

On-Page Optimisation

There are a number of components taken into consideration by search engines regarding the way content is structured that aids usability. On-Page Optimisation is the process of writing and structuring content for your website that is optimised and relevant to your target audience(s), thus improving ranking.

Link Building & Outreach

Link building is any action that increases the number of inbound links to a website.  Analysis of competitors link building activity is conducted to understand who is linking to them and what strategy (if any) they have adopted to achieve these results.  Successful link building and outreach will enhance your authority and ranking within search engines.

Our search marketing experts will help you make the most of your online content to reach new audiences, boost awareness and online performance, and ultimately increase conversions. Monthly reports will illustrate how your money is producing results and return on investment for your organisation and highlight further opportunities for growth.