“From day one After Digital proved very competent and thorough with a really comprehensive proposal document in response to our tender. Upon meeting the team, their enthusiasm and knowledge was ever present, this combined with their obvious talent for web design, was a winning formula.”



User Experience Design is all about crafting intuitive design solutions that are simple, useful and satisfying. By focusing on the user’s needs and goals you can create an enhanced experience that not only allows users to get to where they want to go with ease, but also to enjoy the process of getting there.

User-First Design

Great user experience (UX) design reduces barriers by presenting users with the answer, not asking them to go and find it. What's more, it can surface content they didn't even think to ask for, enhancing their interaction with your brand and your ability to expose your offering.

The key to awesome UX design, as suggested by the name, is usability - based on an in-depth and full understanding of both the user needs and user goals, and the provision of considered solutions to posed problems. Our strategists and designers are dab-hands at delivering carefully considered user journeys and design with real purpose. In fact, it's what we've been doing for over 19 years - creating interactive experiences for the web.

After Digital approaches all projects with an existing knowledge of user interaction and user experience from learned theory, research and day-to-day practice. Our team delivers UX solutions based on a number of in-house processes including (but not limited to):

Information architecture analysis

Reviewing site content and prioritising based on facilitating user and business goals. Good IA allows users to locate the content they require in the most efficient manner.

User analysis and research

Our research into your business, its competitors and the surrounding marketplace allow us to come up with an understanding of user behaviour, based on user personas and use-case scenarios for each project.

User personas

This knowledge of who we are designing for and what they aim to achieve online is essential for designing relevant and effective user journeys for all actions on a website, whether simple navigational issues or more complex processes.

User journey mapping

Users come into contact with many touch points when interacting with your brand. Mapping out key user journeys allows us to ascertain ideal routes to action, meaning we can design experiences that streamline processes and encourage engagement and completion.


Taking content structure we aim to represent the hierarchy of information visually in a succinct manner to encourage maximum understanding of the site. Our wireframing process also allows us to work through key user processes quickly and in an iterative manner.

Interactive prototyping

Interactive prototypes allow us to bring our ideas to life for you to fully appreciate the purpose behind the design. This tactile approach means you get a feel for how the design works and the benefits it brings the user.

Iterative design concepts

We believe good design is intuitive, so design concepts are not only of high quality aesthetically, but also take into consideration functionality and accessibility.

Usability testing

From online interactive tests and surveys through to labs, we're well versed at running usability tests that aim to uncover how effectively your new designs cater to your users' needs. These learnings are critical to ongoing improvements to the user experience.

Our front-end and back-end developers bring the static designs to life and are well-versed in the latest technologies to ensure your site performs to the highest standards on deployment. They are qualified to make bespoke CMS changes, and develop customised assets for improved usability and increased learnability for the end user.

Ensuring sites are fully optimised, accessible, and utilise appropriate interactive elements as well as making the most of their CMS’s capabilities, is the final step in helping to engage users and further enhance overall user experience.