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Our team of experienced web developers are well-versed in developing complex digital solutions to help our clients achieve their goals in the online space. From bespoke multi-site solutions to elegant responsive brochure sites, and from seamless ticketing solutions to custom third-party ecommerce system integrations, there’s little our programming geniuses can’t achieve!

Due to the nature of coding, any development project large or small, has its inherent risks. Client expectations must be clearly managed. For this reason, particular attention is paid to the early discovery stages where your requirements are fully scoped and defined, and we adopt the agile methodology to ensure our entire project lifecycle is flexible - meaning we can adapt to change, be transparent and iterative - so that we learn from everything we do.

“From initial discussions right through to delivery of our site I found After Digital to be approachable, flexible, professional and responsive. Both technically and creatively, they have created a site which absolutely fulfilled my brief to them and exceeded my expectations. Despite the scale of the project, and extent of bespoke development we required, the After Digital team went above and beyond to make sure that we got what we wanted and needed.”

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After Digital expert web development

More power to you

We are CMS (content management system) agnostic, meaning we don’t prescribe you a system based on our preferred platform, but instead select the right system for your needs. Our web developers are experienced in PHP development and developing on open source platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento, as well as a number of other systems and frameworks like Laravel.

Our agile process reduces risk on your project

Development work is split into sprints and released in regular cycles (or increments) so that potential issues and changes can be flagged up as early as possible, thus mitigating risk and enhancing predictability. The full project team (developers, designers, marketers and client services) work together to ensure bespoke functionality reflects the project vision and a consistent overview of the project objectives is always maintained.

Agile development is based on:

  • Empirical information - working with what is known and actual data
  • Collaboration and communication - keeping the full project team and stakeholders at your end involved at all times, with transparency over progress and deliverables
  • Iteration and constant learning - by working in sprints we’re constantly testing and building on approved increments, meaning fewer issues at the end of the project

Close collaboration, means you're always involved

After Digital values client testing and feedback throughout the production/build process of a project, as this provides us with the ability to react to changes quickly and with as little disruption to the project as possible. Utilising a scrum agile methodology for the development process enables us to roll work out to clients early and in logical requirement blocks for testing and feedback. Requirement blocks are then modified post feedback and this process continues until each block is at sign-off stage. Each requirement block is scheduled in two-week sprints with the aim that, at the end of each sprint, the requirements in the block will be ready for testing both internally and by the client.

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