Upgrade / Plug-ins Policy

As building and maintaining websites is our bread and butter, it’s fair to say we get a little protective over our creations.

Upgrading your CMS system or installing new plug-ins can initially seem like a simple process, but great men have tried, failed and put their websites out of action in the process.

Aside from the dreaded ‘site down’ we also need to protect your paying customers from any security breaches. Installing plug-ins that are riddled with bugs can damage your reputation far beyond a few hours of down time.

We can’t fix this so easily.

That’s why we need to oversee these processes to make sure any tinkering runs smoothly. It minimises downtime, protects your revenue and essentially keeps your customers happy. We know it’s tempting to respond to those ‘new version available’ bells and whistles, but it’s essential you leave this up to us.


Unless you have the coding skills of Tony Stark and Zuckerberg combined (you don’t), your DIY upgrades need to be overseen by our developers.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with us then please contact us