Affordable Art Fair held its first fair way back in October 1999 at Battersea Park in London where 10,000 art lovers came to browse and buy original contemporary paintings, sculptures, photographs and prints.

Nowadays, Affordable Art Fair welcomes over 200,000 art enthusiasts to its fairs in 10 major cities around the world; including London, New York, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Hamburg, Brussels, Singapore, Milan, Stockholm and Melbourne. Each fair offers attendees the chance to watch amazing artists' performances, attend talks and tours, participate in workshops, enjoy live music, great food and entertain the kids.

With such engaging fairs to offer, it is unsurprising that since Affordable Art Fair’s humble beginnings over 2.7 million people have visited one of their fairs, taking home over 510,000 pieces of artwork!

We started working with Affordable Art Fair in June 2019 with the aim to help turnaround declining organic referral traffic. Focusing initially on keywords, technical errors and content to increase organic visibility and referral traffic within 12 months.

woman hanging up artwork at affordable art fair exhibition

“Since working with the marvellous team at After Digital on our SEO, we have been able to connect with more of the right people online. The team audited our site, prioritised what needs to be done, and are helping us to implement new strategies. We’ve seen a marked improvement in all SEO metrics, leading to increased search visibility across our key search terms. We’ve really enjoyed working with After Digital.”

Dan Rimoncelli, Digital Marketing Manager, Affordable art Fair

Our work focused on improving Affordable Art Fair’s organic referral traffic, with further strategic advice around UX and design. We achieved some amazing results within the first 6 months versus the previous year.

SEO Work

Focusing initially on search intent and keywords across core pages on their site, our team came up with a comprehensive list of target keywords. These were mapped across the site and new content was planned to include these keywords. We also advised rewriting elements of their content to better match the target keywords and user search intent.

For any site to succeed within the search engines, it's vital that it can be crawled and indexed efficiently by the search engine bots. Google, as an example, will have a quota for how many pages of a site it will crawl each time it visits. Therefore, it's vital that we put in place measures that allow these crawls to be maximised with high-quality content; as opposed to pages with duplicate content, overly complicated URLs and low-quality content pages.

So, the next task was to review technical errors on their site, which could lead to underperformance of core pages. A full technical audit was conducted and we worked closely with Affordable Art Fair’s internal marketing team to implement our recommendations. This ensured that their site was easily crawled by search bots and successfully indexed.

At the beginning of our digital partnership, organic performance was -28% YoY, however, within 6 months we had effected a turnaround of 35%.

people enjoying themselves at an affordable art fair exhibition

The Affordable Art Fair opens in Battersea Park and runs until 21 Oct. The fair offers visitors a chance to purchase work from over 110 galleries at prices between £100 and £6,000

Big Results



INCREASE in organic referral within 6 months (-28% YoY starting point)


INCREASE in transactions from organic referral over the first 6 months


INCREASE YOY in organic revenue over the first 6 months


A 52% increase in organic revenue compared to the previous 6 months, a healthy increase in average session duration and a decrease in bounce rate.

With our combined digital marketing efforts, we delivered 186% ROI. With the increases in organic revenue, conversion, traffic and organic visibility within SERPs (search engine results pages), we are thrilled with the impact our work with Affordable Art Fair has had. We look forward to continuing to work with them throughout 2020.

woman shopping for art at affordable art fair exhibition

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