AutoRek provide financial, operational and regulatory reporting and control products for the FinTech industry which are deployed globally. Headquartered in Glasgow with offices in Edinburgh, London and New York, their dedicated team of experts possess extensive experience in finance, regulation and technology.

Typically achieving a return on investment for their clients within an impressive 9 months from deployment, which is a testament to the value AutoRek’s software provides.

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The Challenge:

After Digital became AutoRek’s digital marketing partner in early 2018 following a significant decline in web traffic in Q4 2017, which, in turn, meant declining leads. We were hired to increase web traffic, conversion rates and raise brand awareness in the UK. AutoRek were also really keen to upskill their expanding marketing team with a view to make their internal team self-sufficient within 18 months, so training and development was a large part of the services we provided.

Our team worked as an extension of AutoRek’s in-house marketing team to develop an online presence and secure PR coverage positioning AutoRek as experts within the financial industry.

Our Approach:

Working with their internal team to devise a digital marketing strategy which utilised social media (LinkedIn and Twitter), PPC, SEO, PR, content and outreach to meet their key business objectives.

We were also tasked with providing tailored training across SEO, PPC and social media advertising to upskill their team. Upskilling their team was part of the overarching strategy to ensure that the team could become self-sufficient within 18 months.

Social Media

When we first began working with Autorek, we were briefed on their competitors and areas of interest; the most prominent being banking and finance. This allowed us to flesh out an initial audience; focusing on these areas of interest on Twitter. But also on roles like asset managers, bankers and insurers, as well as those operating in key decision making roles like CEOs, CTOs, Head of Finance, Head of Risk on LinkedIn.

Though this initial guidance was good as a starting point, it was clear that more investigation had to be done to broaden the audience and the success of their content. We turned to platform insights and analytics to find out more.

Using Google Analytics, as well as Twitter and LinkedIn’s internal analytics/insights software, we began focusing in on where the people interested in AutoRek’s content would be. Alongside geographical and demographical data, through Google Analytics we discovered that news, finance/ investment/ business and sports were a common theme in the audience engaging most with AutoRek’s content. On LinkedIn, we identified that those in Business Development, IT and Finance roles were most engaged with this client’s content and on Twitter, interests in tech news and science news were a common theme.

LinkedIn’s profession-based targeting is fairly cut and dry once you wrap your head around who you are trying to reach, however, this data gave a strong foundation for broadening our audience. On Twitter, we researched popular handles and influential finance accounts, segmenting them into different audiences to appeal to the business and professional sector.

After testing, it became clear that a lifestyle audience of a professional commuter brought the most success; with defined interests in financial news, law and politics, science, sport and weather; as well as the inclusion of industry-related hashtag targeting.

This tried and tested targeting, combined with the most engaging creative for each platform (like infographic-style content on LinkedIn and informative, short GIFs/video content on Twitter) proved to be a recipe for success for AutoRek. Within the first 12 months, there were vast improvements YoY in terms of sessions via social referral conversions.



INCREASE in social media conversions


INCREASE in contributed social conversions


INCREASE in last interaction (on social media) conversions


In terms of sessions, LinkedIn has seen a 27% increase YoY, but both Twitter (+185%) and YouTube (100%) have seen the most pronounced increases during this time.

examples of AutoRek social media adverts


When we started working on the account keywords for what should have been specific campaigns were mixed up with other keywords and were sharing budget despite having different CPCs and conversion rates. There was a fair bit of housekeeping initially to ensure that the account was performing efficiently such as adding Google Analytics goals such as ‘request a demo’ to Google Ads to better track conversions key to business success.

During the first six months of working with AutoRek, we reduced the cost per conversion by 82%. We also increased the volume of conversions by 466% by targeting those who are more likely to convert with a quality over quantity approach.

Part of the PPC services offered to AutoRek included training their in-house team to ultimately take PPC management in-house within 12 months. We ran training sessions for their core team at the AD offices in Glasgow and continued to work remotely on a monthly basis to ensure that the required skills were being passed on

We also reduced the total budget spent over the 12 months which is the bi-product of driving down the cost per conversion. We were more targeted with our ad placements, ensuring that clicks are of high quality rather than going for purely volume. By gaining these higher quality (lower volume) of clicks we almost matched the number of conversions within a 6 month period compared to the 6 months prior to taking over the account but saving almost £1.5K in the process.

In terms of conversions, we achieved a 175% increase in ‘request a demo’ and 192% increase in ‘contact us’ conversions within the first 12 months.




INCREASE in PPC conversions


REDUCTION in cost per click


SAVED in budget within 6 months



We worked with AutoRek to reduce the technical SEO errors on their site to ensure that their site could be efficiently and effectively indexed by search engines. In May 2018 they had over 3,000 technical errors on their site of varying levels of severity, but after consistent monitoring and advising their internal team on best practice fixes, by November 2018 their website had under 100 low priority errors.

PR, Content and Outreach

Our team’s directive was to position AutoRek as a thought leader within the fin-tech space, build credibility around their proposition, generate valuable awareness and improve their online profile.

During the course of the first 12 months, we gained AutoRek exposure in publications such as Finance Monthly, Lawyer Monthly, Bobs Guide, SSBN, ScotlandIS, Financial IT, Fintech Scotland and Fintech Finance.

The Results:

Within the first 12 months of working together, we increased traffic to their website by 20% and conversions via PPC referral by 214%. Referrals from social media increased by over 60% and social conversions increased by over 140% during the same period.

‘Request a Demo’ goal conversions increased a whopping 631% YoY within the first 12 months of working together.



INCREASE in 'Request a Demo' goal conversions


INCREASE in PPC referral


INCREASE in social media conversions


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