We’re proud to have been a BBC roster agency for over 3 years now and during that time to have worked on a number of exciting projects. One such project was the interactive Ripple product. From over forty diverse and fascinating ideas pitched at the Creative Studio days in Glasgow, Salford and Cardiff, AD was one of just 15 UK companies to make it through to the next stage of product development for the BBC Knowledge & Learning.

1 day

IDEA generation at the Creative Studio

15 ideas

ONLY taken to the Build Studio

2 days

DEVELOPING a working proof-of-concept

BBC Ripple

The process started with an intense day of workshops, within which we were tasked with conceptualising a new idea (to a new brief) that would cater to BBC audiences, particularly focusing on education and learning. From initial idea generation to user concept testing and peer review, the day combined strategy and creativity and culminated in a three-location, live-streamed presentation to the judges and all other attendees.

From here, only 15 concepts were taken forward and - thanks to our successful concept “BBC Ripple” - we were amongst those invited down to MediaCity in Salford, Manchester for two days of brainstorming and hacking, in order to turn our idea from the Creative Studio into a solid proof-of-concept. Five of our team journeyed down to Manchester and worked on bringing our proposition to life - "Imagine your audience could help shape the future of BBC content."

This initiative really showcased the BBC's dedication to technological and digital innovation, which aligns perfectly with our mission to push the boundaries of digital and make use of the best possible tools and techniques. The Build Studio offered an incredible opportunity to create next generation products, which centred on enhancing the user’s experience.”

David Johnstone, Managing Director,
After Digital

BBC Ripple digital product development

UX & Interactive Prototyping

Over the two days our team tested assumptions and ideas against resources and knowledge offered by the experienced BBC staff, ensuring we developed a product that aligned strategically and stylistically with BBC and their audiences needs.

Our product aimed to create shared, collaborative experiences, leaning on user-generated and crowd-sourced content. The result would be to craft interesting and tailored content that would not only inform users (and create engaging learning journeys) but also allow the BBC to identify exactly what sparks their user’s curiosity. In turn, this would improve the user experience and extend the reach of the BBC’s content.

The team dedicated the days to creating a solid audience value proposition and business case, supported by our exploration of user journeys, creation of wireframes and design concepts, and development of smart keyword analysis and search technology. We were able to test our concept against small live audience groups, enabling us to refine user personas and our ultimate proposition, and with BBC staff members.

Day two saw the completion of a technical demonstration and ended in our final presentation of our proof-of-concept. The BBC senior team were able to critique and assess concepts, providing constructive feedback for all involved.

BBC Ripple digital product development by AD

The concepts were then handed over to the BBC with some going straight into pilot development and others providing key learnings for product development. We look forward to working with the BBC on more digital innovation projects like this.