Bournemouth University is one of the UK’s leading higher education institutions, offering courses from business and law to sciences, music and midwifery. With a reputation for excellence the University felt that its website no longer reflected its prestige, forward-thinking nature or growing aspirations. Consequently, After Digital was selected from a competitive tender to bring the University’s website design up-to-date and provide an enjoyable user experience.

“We selected After Digital for this project because of their impressive portfolio of work within the education sector and their clear understanding of our requirements. All the team have been very helpful and responsive and we are on track to create a fantastic new online presence for the University. We can’t wait to see the end results once we've pushed them live and look forward to working with After Digital again in the future!”

- Charlotte Smith, Project Manager, University of Bournemouth

Bournemouth University designs by After Digital
Bournemouth University responsive web designs by After Digital

The main challenge for this project was to consolidate large volumes of information and data and present it in a clean, navigable and attractive format. Our design team worked to streamline the newly developed Bournemouth University branding with new, intuitive features and structure to create a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional from a user experience and administrator perspective. Landing pages made use of new interactive features and multimedia formats, with clear visual cues guiding users through key journeys, such as the application or course search path.

As outlined within the client's brief, the new design needed to integrate with the University’s existing CMS, TERMINALFOUR, and its limitations, so as to centralise control of all website content and ensure future scalability.

The website designs were handed over to the University's incumbent development team who will implement them in-house. In order to streamline this process, our design team also produced a complete style guide for the University to ensure consistency and coherence in all communications moving forward and a coherent user experience.
Bournemouth University web designs by After Digital
Bournemouth University landing page designs