Chase Distillery is a family owned British single-estate distillery who have been creating vodka and gin from potatoes grown on their Herefordshire farm since 2008.   They focus on growing and utilising the raw ingredients they grow on-site at their distillery and rich farming land. Their field to bottle process means that from the earth to the customer’s shelf, they are responsible for growing, fermenting, distilling and selling their gins and vodkas. Family is at the core of their business and they wanted that reflected in all of their digital marketing output.

We began working with Chase Distillery in January 2018.  The main focus of their brief for our digital marketing services was to increase sales and conversions through their web-shop and to heighten the public’s awareness of the brand within the UK. Most importantly though, everything done in reaching this goal had to reflect and bolster Chase Distillery’s brand values.    

Our work covered paid social media and PPC campaigns, with further strategic advice around web UX and SEO while focusing all of our activity on the UK.  We also provided them with a 6 - 12 month digital strategy and a UX review of their website which their team could take forward.

We achieved some amazing results in 2018 versus the previous year:


INCREASE PPC referrals


INCREASE social referrals


INCREASE web shop conversions

“AD have done a fantastic job looking after our digital marketing support.”

- Polly Long, UK Marketing Manager, Chase Distillery

Social Media

Working across Facebook and Instagram, we utilised a variety of campaigns and tested, refined and optimised a variety of audiences in order to hit the objectives set by Chase. We worked Chase Distillery’s marketing team to plan out their content calendar, A/B test their ads and audiences in order to zero in on the key creative and key audiences that would advance their brand and deliver ROI.

Throughout 2018, we managed to make significant increases in both revenue and brand awareness. Their Facebook and Instagram followers increased by 9,456 likes and 9,304 followers respectively. Thanks to our social media expertise, social referrals increased from 5th top referral channel to 2nd best referral traffic, coming directly behind organic search and exceeding direct search.  Social media accounted for over 27% of Chase Distillery’s overall web traffic in 2018.

“ On behalf of the team at Chase a great big thank you for all of your hard work over the past year or so. You’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with and really helped us out with understanding all things social/digital, it has been really appreciated.”

- Lydia Monkley, Social Media Manager, Chase Distillery


Prior to AD taking over the account PPC had been sparsely used, but when used, had been used to fairly poor effect.   We restructured their account splitting brand and non-brand keywords to optimise both performance and spend.

We ran A/B tests to ensure optimal messaging and tested various formats and audiences to identify the most performant combinations.   This resulted in 14% increase in impressions and 29% in clicks YoY from their Google Shopping campaign.  We also delivered a 446% increase in impressions and a 266% increase in clicks on brand campaigns YoY, plus a 40% increase in sales.

As well as the channel specific work, we’ve worked with Chase Distillery’s marketing team to launch two new products, Rhubarb and Bramley Apple Gin and their 12 Spirit Advent Calendar, building awareness and creating demand around these new products, whilst maintaining a strong presence for their existing range of gins and vodkas.

Big Results

Our marketing efforts contributed to overall increases of 81.65% in users, 76.51% sessions and 88.69% pageviews in 2018vs the previous year.  We achieved a 564% increase in traffic via social media referral and a staggering 15,189% increase in PPC referral. We also contributed to a 75% increase in online conversion rate and an annual revenue increase of 12% in 2018 compared to the previous year.


ROI achieved


INCREASE sessions which converted


INCREASE revenue YoY

With our combined digital marketing efforts, we delivered 222% ROI. With the increases in revenue, conversion, traffic and social media footprint, we are thrilled with the impact our work with Chase Distillery has had.

Award-winning Digital Marketing

We're incredibly proud to say that our work with Chase Distillery was a finalist for the SocialDay Social Media Marketing Awards 2019 under the Best Social Media Campaign of the Year (B2C) category and also received the Consumer Engagement Award at the 'The Herald Scottish Digital Business Awards' 2019.

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