Christopher Ward the British luxury watchmaker whose brand is synonymous with creating high-quality Swiss Made timepieces for truly remarkable prices. When they launched they turned the luxury watch distribution model on its head, becoming the first online-only retailer to sell direct to customers, allowing them to provide customers with honest pricing at fair margins.

Their philosophy really sets them apart within the industry, delivering top class horological craftsmanship for a fraction of the cost of some of their well-known competitors – they have made luxury watches accessible to everyone. Although Christopher Ward watches are Swiss Made, their brand is quintessentially British with their designs influenced by British narratives.

We began working with Christopher Ward in April 2019 with the purpose of taking their digital marketing to the next level within the UK and to go after the US market. Our work with Christopher Ward covered managing their PPC and social media advertising activity, and consultancy around UX and SEO on an ad hoc basis.

There were some truly excellent results achieved within the first 12 months of our partnership:



INCREASE in conversions via paid search


INCREASE increase in conversions via social media


INCREASE We contributed to a 34% increase in overall revenue


Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Our initial work consisted of fully auditing Christopher Ward’s existing GoogleAds and Bing accounts and restructuring both accounts with a key focus on shopping activity. There were a lot of good-housekeeping tasks to complete at the beginning of our partnership; new accounts were set up for the US activity to ensure that UK and US data tracked separately. We also had to make sure conversion tracking was set up correctly and ensure that the new automated product feeds were working correctly with the shopping campaign.

Although a main focus to drive revenue via paid search centred around Google Shopping, elements of remarking via abandoned basket and previous website visitors, keyword and display ads were also used to drive traffic and revenue.

We also reintroduced a Brand campaign, an activity which had gotten out of hand previous to After Digital managing the account. Understandably Christopher Ward’s internal team were nervous about revisiting this type of campaign as previously brand activity had cannibalised their organic revenue. This was something that we kept a close eye on, to ensure brand activity was driving new revenue and maintaining high levels of organic revenue in tandem.

All campaigns were optimised via audience data and other targeting options such as device, location and time of the day. This strategy allows us to focus budget on the areas of the account that generate the greatest return whilst also giving us the flexibility to increase/decrease budget in specific areas should the market change.

Due to there being a larger audience to target in the US we focused on targeting wealthier locations whilst also applying audience, device and time of day bid modifiers to ensure we were targeting people more likely to convert.

Our paid search strategy achieved some truly awesome results;



INCREASE in revenue from Google Ads


INCREASE in revenue from Google Shopping


INCREASE in revenue from Bing Ads


Social Media

Having only previously run social media advertising through remarketing placements on Facebook and Instagram, our task for Christopher Ward’s paid social media strategy was to develop focused, platform-specific campaigns. These campaigns would not only drive conversions through Facebook and Instagram, but they would also increase brand awareness – particularly in the US – and drive considerable traffic to the website. This would provide ample retargeting opportunities both for social and PPC; allowing our digital marketing efforts to perform and succeed cohesively.

With a huge selection of striking imagery and video, a key focus for our social media ads was creating content that popped on the screen, drawing the eye immediately or multimedia that could be adapted into a full-screen experience; like Instagram Stories or Collection ads. To provide a more in-depth analysis of our campaigns, we also began UTM tracking each ad individually in October 2019. This gave crucial clarity into the content we were running and allowed us to see what was pulling in the most valuable audiences. Key learnings from this were that full-screen experiences were drawing a very engaged crowd, with Instagram Story ads being responsible for 20% of the paid social media traffic in the UK and 23% of it in the US. With the UTM tracking in place, we were able to adapt and learn from our campaigns from more than just the Facebook Ads Manager and we were, therefore, able to create very strong content at key times of the year.

For example, a particular success was during 2019’s festive season where we ran a selection of more advanced ad formats, such as a custom instant experience to promote their Christmas ‘gift guide’ (displayed below). This campaign was well engaged with, with click-through rates averaging out above 6.7% in both the UK and the US, and this campaign attributed heavily to a 60% increase in last-click revenue when compared to the previous year. Overall our festive social media campaigns generated an increase of over 39% in revenue throughout November and December 2019.

Christopher Ward also proudly publishes its own industry-focused magazine, Loupe. With a conversion rate of 10% amongst its subscribers, Loupe was also a key source of revenue for the client and, thus, there was also a focus in growing the subscriber base for this product – a goal we also intended to achieve through the use of paid social media.

As part of our social media strategy, we ran an always-on lead generation campaign to increase Loupe subscription with great success. Over the last 6 months (October 2019 - March 2020) we achieved an overall average sign-up conversion rate of over 12%, with the most recent month achieving an impressive sign-up conversion rate of over 15% – a percentage growth of over 50% since the ongoing magazine subscription campaign began.

Overall, during our time working on Christopher Ward’s paid social media, we successfully rose their brand awareness in America and elevated the results of their social media efforts – resulting in huge traffic increases and an over 61% revenue increase from Facebook and Instagram in the States, as well as a total ROI of almost 470% across the UK and the US.

Our social media strategy achieved some truly awesome results:



INCREASE in Facebook and IG traffic in the UK


INCREASE in Facebook and IG traffic in the US


INCREASE in last-click conversions in the US


Big Results

Our marketing efforts contributed to increases of 26% in revenue in the UK and 38% in the US, which was a relatively new market for Christopher Ward and a key focus of the work we did.

With our combined digital marketing efforts, we helped deliver an over increase in revenue of 34% during the first 12 months of our partnership. With the increases in revenue, conversion, traffic and social media footprint, we are proud of the impact our work with Christopher Ward has had.



INCREASE Contributed to a 26% increase in revenue in the UK


INCREASE Contributed to a 38% increase in revenue in the US


INCREASE Contributed to a 34% increase in overall revenue


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