Back in 2010, we were contracted to create a new website for the London-based high-end custom cycle specialists Condor Cycles, designers and builders of premium bespoke bicycles since 1948. Condor had found that they were experiencing a high volume of customer price enquiries, due to the absence of detailed and up-to-date information on the previous website. What's more, a lack of any facility in place to monitor and evaluate site performance, or regularly update the site with new products and ranges, meant they were limited in their ability to provide timely and relevant content.

£1 M

INCREASE in online sales


ONLY taken to the Build Studio


VISITORS in six months

The end user - it's not just a hobby, but a way of life

We spent considerable time getting to the heart of the business and their users. What quickly became clear was that for Condor customers cycling was more than just a hobby, it was a way of life. They were hugely passionate about the history and values of the brand and these needed to be clearly translated into the online space. 

As such, the whole concept behind the website we developed was to create a hub, which recreated the atmosphere of the Condor shop community, online. 

Condor UX and design research

A vibrant marketplace

Analysis of the cycling market, particularly the online presence of many of the world's largest manufacturers, showed a high level of innovation in graphics and multimedia. Condor had some really inspiring content, which artfully displayed their passion for the product. So, we crafted the website design around their words, imagery and video to create a timeless online platform.

“It is vital we are represented online in a way that reflects Condor offline. AD understood that we set ourselves apart from the competition and needed to continue that online with regard to design and digital marketing, enabling us to advance our consumer offering.”

Grant Young, Managing Director,

UX & Brainstorming

A simple graphical, interactive system was built to deliver a comparable level of customer engagement to a high-end multinational bicycle manufacturer.

The new site design aims to inject the brand's unique personality, whilst fostering active engagement from their community centred around intuitive user experiences and tailored content.

Condor Cycles website design

An Innovative Bike Builder

We created a Bike Builder feature, which allowed customers to construct a made-to-order bicycle online with an added personal touch from the organisation’s knowledgeable and passionate employees. The Bike Builder allowed users to customise every element of their bike to help them visualise the final product and provide a quote for their bespoke product.

Once created in the Bike Builder, users could share their bicycle with friends through Facebook and Twitter to start a conversation and encourage interaction centred around the Condor brand. Developed in Javascript, without the use of Flash, the ‘Bike Builder’ tool could be used across a wide variety of platforms, including iPhone and iPad, which had compatibility challenges at the time of development.

The new site encouraged interactivity between the organisation and its customers and delivered this in abundance.

Condor bike builder

Award-winning results and marked returns

The Condor site was a huge success, increasing sales by over £1 million in the first year alone, growing unique visitors to the site by 40% within the first month and nurturing a highly active blogger community.

Condor results
Condor homepage design