From humble startup beginnings in London back in 2013, Deliveroo has rapidly grown into one of the UK’s leading up-market delivery services and grown an international presence. However, awareness and market share were still fairly low when they came to us and there was a significant opportunity to grow their presence, particularly in Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.

542 %

INCREASE in average engagement across all accounts

1993 %

GROWTH in Twitter follower growth rate on Leeds account

349 %

UPLIFT in Twitter follower growth rate on Manchester account

Deliveroo Twitter campaigns

With limited regional control of their own marketing channels (as most activity was centralised through HQ in London at the time), we were tasked with coming up with a creative campaign to build their profile in Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool that could be run solely on their local Twitter accounts, aiming to massively enhance their profile, social engagement (with both customers and restaurants) and ultimately drive an uplift in sales whilst adhering to the brand values represented across the wider company.

“We began working with After Digital on campaigns focused on raising our social media profile on Twitter, encouraging greater engagement and driving uplift in sales in key cities across North West England. The team has been highly proactive, creative and responsive throughout our time with them and the results have exceeded our expectations. We’d happily recommend them to anyone.”

- Charlotte Bailey, Commercial Manager, Deliveroo North West

Action-oriented Engagement

In order to achieve Deliveroo’s business objectives, we developed a strategy combining targeted paid advertising (in order to reach new audiences) with real-time management and conversation (to actively engage audiences and restaurants) on their Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds Twitter accounts. Our aim was to dramatically raise their brand recognition, whilst attracting customers that purchase and come back, rather than just enter competitions, meaning increased (and maintained) sales over time and ultimately more loyal followers who convince and convert others.

We combined engaging copy, brand-orientated creative and in-depth profile targeting to ensure that the new visitors we received from our six-week campaign weren’t just there for freebies, but would actively order from Deliveroo and engage with the brand. The initial #KitchenFail campaigns were later supported by new ad-hoc campaigns we developed specifically targeting activity around the 2016 Olympics.

244 %

GROWTH in Twitter follower growth rate on Liverpool account

1075 %

INCREASE in click rate on Leeds account

1333 %

UPLIFT in average retweet rate on Manchester account

“After Digital has produced some of the best social content for us I have seen since working for Deliveroo.”

- Dan Fruhman, Head of Marketing, Deliveroo North West

Deliveroo Award Nominations

Measurable & lasting results

Reported as their most successful social media campaign to date, with compelling and lasting results, Deliveroo were massively impressed with the results achieved in such a small time frame and with a very limited budget.

The success of our campaigns was evident with significant uplift in performance, engagement, CTRs and returns across all accounts. Engagement increased by almost 2000% in some areas, with clicks growing (on average across all three accounts) by 542%.

We looked to measure both follower interaction and consistent follower growth throughout our campaigns, in order to establish growing brand awareness and engagement. Our rate of Twitter follower growth for Manchester was 349% more than Deliveroo’s average before or since, more than 244% for Liverpool and over 1,993% for Leeds.

We exceeded every single one of our original targets with huge growth across the board, and were able to achieve results that always linked back to sales and long-term growth rather than short-term spikes. Amongst many other increases, we saw a 1,075% increase in clicks from the Leeds profile, a 1,333% uplift in retweets on the Manchester account and an 850% growth in replies on the Liverpool channel.

Arguably more importantly, however, Deliveroo reported an uplift in sales across all three regions in line with our activity. Our work was shared as an example of ‘creativity and best practice on social media’ on the global Deliveroo internal communications system and presented to their Board as a benchmark for all future social media activity. 

The company has since went on to centralise their social media profiles, to ensure this level of quality and service can be maintained across the board.

“Thank you for this competition as it definitely brought a healthy amount of engagement and exposure.”

- Daniel, Marketing Manager, Tampopo (one of Deliveroo's partner restaurants)

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